The Insider: Welcome 2014 with these 3 tips

January 3, 2014 8:45 AM

Alicia Duplessis Jasmin

January is the perfect time to reset your energy and make changes that will last for the next 12 months and beyond. Start with these 3 easy ways to prep for the new year.


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Clean up the online you

While this may be directed foremost to college students, adults of all ages could benefit from a bit of social media decluttering. Take a day (or a few if you have many postings) and delete unflattering photos and old comments that you wrote when you were having a bad day. Rereading your posts could be as therapeutic as skimming through an old journal. This also is an ideal time to de-friend some of your contacts. If you don’t recognize someone, it’s probably smart to hit delete.

Clean up the community

At Tulane University, around every corner is a handout seeking volunteers. Join a group with a similar interest and invest your time in the community. While the goal is to have recurring volunteer duties (at least once per month), you can always begin by signing up for the MLK Day of Service on Monday (Jan. 20).

Clean up the physical you

Last year we explored ways to add spunk to mundane New Year’s resolutions like weight loss and kicking the habit of something-or-another. This year we are keeping with the tradition and leaving weight off the list, but other improvements to your outward appearance are highly recommended and include: changing your hairstyle, getting fun new eyeglass frames and adding a few new pieces to your wardrobe. If fitness goals are what you prefer, stay tuned to The Insider for details on upcoming challenges sponsored by TUWellness. The next challenge begins Monday (Jan. 27).

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