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Educating undergraduate women for leadership in the 21st century.

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Samantha Adams, Biomedical Engineering, Exploring all forms of regenerative medicine as a means of eradicating disease, analyzing the racial bias of biomedical research and pharmaceutical drug production and usage.

Ashley Beggin, Psychology and Spanish minor, Investigating the relationship between previously or concurrently diagnosed psychiatric disorders and addictive behaviors in adolescents.

Madeleine Bell, Marketing and Environmental Studies, Gender differences in the psychology of marketing strategies regarding fitness supplements and nutritional aids.

Kamaria Brisco, Public Health and Gender and Sexuality Studies, Analyzing the lack of vaccinations in Sub-Saharan Africa and its global effects.

Adel Broussard, Gender and Sexuality Studies and French, Researching the portrayal of women in American media and how this affects the growing epidemic of eating disorders in young girls and women, along with analyzing structuralist feminism in French literature.

Audrey Davis, Sociology and Spanish, Researching the personality traits of women in power. 

Hannah Dean, Latin American Studies and Political Science, Social Innovation/Social Entrepreneurship (SISE) and Spanish minors, National immigration reform and its effects on Latino immigrants, public education reform in New Orleans.

Laura Edington, Economics, Environmental Science, Computer Science, French, The relationship between poverty and environmental pollution.

Layla Entrikin, Public Health and Urban Studies, Analyzing the connection between overall health and ones physical environment.

Jolene George, Political Science and Philosophy, Analyzing the causes of wealth inequality and its effects on freedom and equality of opportunity.

Abby Jones, Gender and Sexuality Studies and Philosophy, Analyzing the connection between cultural constructs of masculinity and violence against LGBT people.

Meredith McInturff, Public Health and Spanish, Analyzing successful health outreach programs that have changed the overall health or well-being of underprivileged communities.

Taylor McMahon, Linguistics and Political Science, Examining the effect of language on sociology and women’s issues.

Kelsey Reynolds, Undecided and African and African Diaspora Studies

Emma Saltzberg, Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Spanish, Animal behavior.

Manali Souda, International Relations and Latin American Studies with an English minor; differences in the culture of achievement for women in the US and Brazil, especially as relating to public fields such as politics.

Mikayla Stern-Ellis, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology and Anthropology, The Effect of Orangutan Conservation Education on Conscious Palm Oil Consumption.

Mia Tucker, International Relations, French, and Philosophy, Analyzing international, national, and grassroots aid organizations to evaluate the effectiveness of each and how increased collaboration amongst support groups can improve aid efforts towards a common goal.

Lilith Winkler-Schor, Social Policy and Political Science, Comparing how education policy in the United States and Germany impacts their respective prison systems.

Anne Wolff, Public Health, and Mathematics, The reintegration of children diagnosed with autism into New Orleans public schools through biomedical engineering advances.

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