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Educating undergraduate women for leadership in the 21st century.

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The Newcomb College Institute aims to connect undergraduate women to a wide range of experiential learning with a women’s or gender focus, including internships and externships. Recognizing that some of those internships may be low paying or unpaid, the Newcomb College Institute offers competitive internship grants of up to $2,000 for students who accept unpaid or low paying internship positions with an explicit women’s or gender focus.


  • Student must be a currently enrolled, woman-identified, undergraduate student, and be in good standing at Tulane University to be eligible to apply.

  • Be enrolled in classes the fall semester after their internship is completed.

  • Have already applied for women’s or gender focused internship(s) for which they are seeking funding prior to submitting application, however acceptance to an internship is not a prerequisite for applying.

  • Have attended a workshop on the Newcomb College Institute’s Summer Internship Funding and/or attended a one on one meeting with Program Coordinator

  • Agree to terms of funding


Applicant must submit the following documents to Kaitlin Splett at the Newcomb College Institute, 7025 Freret by 4pm on March 27, 2015

  • Newcomb College Institute Summer Internship Funding Application (Available March 2nd)
  • Personal Statement
  • Resume
  • The Newcomb College Institite Internship Budget Worksheet

  • Two References (one must be a Tulane Faculty or Staff Member)

  • At least five learning objectives, to be completed by the student (upon accepting internship)

Eligible Internships:

  • Internship position or organization must have demonstrated women’s or gender focus
  • Internships should be for as much of the summer as possible: Ideally, students will work a 240-hour minimum—6 weeks at 40 hours/week. Internships for less time will be considered for funding, but this may affect amount awarded.
  • Internship site must provide professional, full-time supervision for student (your supervisor cannot be a family member or a volunteer at the organization).
  • Internships must pay $1,500 or less for the 6 week term.

Selection Process:

Newcomb College Institute Internship grants are competitive. The Student Leadership and Engagement Team at the Newcomb College Institute will evaluate all applications, with final approval given by Executive Director. Emphasis is placed on applicants’ personal statement with support from the resume, references, and application. A competitive application is one that successfully demonstrates the applicant’s understanding of the link between her goals, past experiences, and the opportunities afforded by the women/gender-focused internship in question. Consideration is also given to applicant’s financial need and whether or not she could complete the internship without full funding.

Costs not covered:

  • Food/meals: These are costs you would incur whether or not you accepted this internship.
  • Clothing: It is the student’s responsibility to procure appropriate attire for their internship.
  • Lost Wages: the Newcomb College Institute does not provide a wage on behalf of any organization or company.
  • Electronics/Equipment: Funding for equipment and supplies needed for internship will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Tuition:
  • Newcomb College Institute does not fund course fees or tuition costs—this affects a student’s financial aid package.
  • NCI does not fund program fees or tuition costs for formal study/research abroad programs
  • NCI does not fund fee-based volunteer programs -NCI does not fund internships or research for which academic credit may be received, such as research leading to Honors Thesis or independent study
  • Permanent Living Costs: NCI will not fund a partial amount of permanent or long-term housing agreements. Example: We will not fund the three-month summer portion of a student’s personal 12-month lease.
  • Other expenses outside the purview of the internship program: Newcomb College Institute reserves the right to deny funding of any expenses it deems outside the purview of the Internship Funding program.

Terms and Conditions:

Awards are not transferable to internships outside the scope of this application without the expressed consent of Director of Student Leadership and Engagement.

If selected for an award, Applicants Agree to:

  • Attend a mandatory pre-internship meeting on April 21 or 23
  • Complete a W-9 and all funding acceptance paperwork BEFORE starting internship
  • Complete at least 5 Learning Objectives to be shared with internship supervisor and the Newcomb College Institute
  • Submit 4 monthly, guided entries on the Newcomb College Institute’s Summer Internship Blog
  • Participate in a performance review with primary supervisor, to be returned to the Newcomb College Institute
  • Respond to all e-mail and phone communication with NCI Program Coordinator and Internship Supervisor in a timely and respectable manner.
  • Participate, if asked, in presentation of internship experience at a Friday’s at Newcomb, Homecoming Open House, CELT internship panel, etc.
  • Be a good representative for Tulane University 

Other Funding Sources:

The Newcomb College Institute encourages applicants to apply to multiple sources of funding to meet their needs. However, Newcomb College Institute works closely with other on-campus entities to prevent duplicate funding. Please report applications for other sources of funding in your budget. Failure to do so may result in loss of funds.

Getting Paid:

Students will receive 80% of funds after mandatory pre-internship meeting and first blog post is completed. The remaining 20% will be distributed after the completion of the internship, final blog post, and Site Supervisor Evaluation Form.

For questions or to set up an appointment to discuss internship opportunities, please contact Kaitlin Splett at

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000