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Record of Students H. Sophie Newcomb Memorial College  

About the Student Records

The student records contain information that documents student academic and personal life. Records may include but are not limited to:

  • certificates of admission
  • transcripts
  • photographs
  • letters
  • course notes
  • college catalogs
  • curriculum information
  • brochures
  • teaching certificates
  • letters of recommendation
  • requests for transcript


Newcomb Class of 1899
Newcomb Class of 1899 


Use of the Records

Privacy rules govern all student records. Student records (defined as credentials, grade sheets, correspondence, reports, notes, application, and all other records pertaining to past and present students) are open only after 75 years from the date the student graduates or withdraws from the University, or upon death. Closed student records, however, may be used by the student themselves; by a university official, when authorized to look for specific records; and by researchers whose work will only report on the overall student body, without the use of names, for a period of time at least 60 years before the current period. Requests for permission to examine any records in connection with cases at law or legal proceedings of any kind will be referred to the Legal Counsel of the University. In alignment with related Census data, records preceding 1920 are available in most cases for public viewing.


To Access the Records

Please contact our reference desk at (504) 865-5723.

Or email Chloe Raub, Head of Archives and Special Collections, at You may include short queries to be answered by email. Please allow two weeks for our response.


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