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Newcomb College Alumnae enjoy a long history of artistic and literary innovation and creative brillance. Now you can view the their past and current efforts online by following the links below.

Newcomb Pottery

This exhibit introduces the ceramics tradition of Newcomb College of the last hundred years. Look here for biographies of some of the women designers as well as the history of Newcomb Pottery.

Newcomb Arcade

This exhibit includes select issues in their entirety and an anthology of pieces from the Newcomb literary magazine. The Newcomb Arcade was the magazine published by the students and alumnae of the College from 1909-1934.

Lives on Letterhead: A Reflection of Family Business in the
South from the Newcomb Archives

One of the collections housed in the Newcomb Archives is the collection of Newcomb College Student Records, dating from 1895-1925. As in all archival collections, this collection shows us the past -- glimpses of the dreams and hopes of generations to come before us. One way that this collection allows this sort of reflection is through its letterheads, the very stationery on which parents and their daughters wrote to the College. These colorful pages provide information about the family business or the employer, usually of the father- and by extension information about the whole of the commercial South.  For related materials, see also

Bobbi Malone's biography of Ruth Dreyfous which is available online at
 And another interesting and related biography of Mathilde Mendelssohn Schwab Dreyfous at


Information about scrapbooks, their history, and their cultural significance can be found at this location.

Ruth and Rosalie: Friendships and Historical Process

The history of New Orleans and Louisiana in the twentieth century has been shaped not only by the names writ large in history books and mentioned on the History Channel, but by many dedicated and brave women whose involvement in social and political causes revolutionized politics, education, and many other facets of life in the city and state. Two of these women, Ruth Dreyfous and Rosalie Cohen, are commemorated here for their work to improve New Orleans for its citizens.

Two Women and Their Cookbooks: Lena Richard and Mary Land

Learn about two women who helped define and popularize Louisiana cooking during the mid-20th century. An exhibit about Land and Richard is on view in the Center's Seltzer-Gerard Reading Room November 2-December 21, 2001. This project is supported by a grant from the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities. You may also wish to view the exhibition guide. (Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Newcomb Through the Years

A photo exhibit in-progress by former Center student worker Kate Bolin

Newcomb Relief Unit

Information and history of a group of students who assisted overseas in WWI.

Every Other Gets a Month

Whence came such cultural phenomena as Women's History Month, Black History Month, Gay and Lesbian History Month and National Cheese Day? To learn more about the "holidaying of America,"


Explore this day of inamorata through the lens of an early 1900s scrapbook.

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