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Amanda Wood Barnett, 1985


Other Degrees: Juris Doctorate, Paul M. Heber Law Center at LSU, 1988

Current Career Info:  General Counsel and Corporate Secretary of Red River Bank, a Louisiana community bank with bank branches from Shreveport to Baton Rouge.

Past Career Info: Practiced corporate planning and commercial litigation with the law firm of Gold, Weems, Bruser, Sues and Rundell in Alexandria from 1996-2010. Prior to the Gold Firm I was with the firm of Milling, Benson, Woodward, Hillyer, Pierson & Miller, in New Orleans.

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service: Working with the Newcomb Alumnae Association Board has been my first opportunity to give back to Newcomb.

Community service: 

  • Chairperson, Central Louisiana Community Partnership Panel for the Louisiana Bar Foundation
  • Board member-elect of the board of directors of the Louisiana Bar Foundation
  • Louisiana Bar Foundation Fellow, class of 2010
  • Member, Louisiana Bankers Association Bank Counsel Committee
  • Member, legislative committee of the Central Louisiana Chamber of Commerce 
  • 2009 volunteer with the Louisiana Appleseed Foundation statewide project on equitable funding in education for special needs children
  • Member of statewide textbook selection committee for the Louisiana Department of Education for Reading and Literature, grades 9 through 12, 2007
  • Organized Legal assistance for evacuees coming to the Alexandria FEMA center and shelters during the aftermath of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005 in conjunction with the Louisiana Bar Association’s response statewide.
  • Kiwanis member
  • Pro-bono attorney for children in need of representation

Other interests/information:  I like to garden and read and am creating a book of family recipes to pass on to my children. I am married to Barry Barnett and have four children, Katherine (21), Lee (20), Marcus (17) and Lily (12). I am a member of St. James Episcopal Church, Alexandria, Louisiana. My home town is Amite, Louisiana and I was born at Ft Belvoir, Virginia. 

Why do you volunteer for Newcomb?  Why do you think it is important to give back to your alma mater?
Newcomb gave me the foundation and strength I needed to pursue my career and care for my family. Tulane is still very important to my family. My two oldest children are students. My oldest son, Lee Barnett, is majoring Math and Linguistics and is a Tulane junior; my oldest daughter, Katherine Barnett, is majoring in molecular and cellular biology and is a Tulane senior and going on to the PHD graduate program in virology at Harvard in the fall.

I think it is very important that Newcomb still serve as a resource and source of strength for the women on campus, especially as recent news has shown that women still do face challenges in the work force, not the least of which is balancing family and career, whether that is having children or helping to care for elderly parents or other family members. Newcomb was important in showing me that this was possible and that there are many paths to finding the balance correct for each woman.


Meredith Beers, 2007 –
Vice President for Alumnae

Meredith Beers website pic

Other Degrees: MPH, Tulane School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine, 2011

Current Career Info:
 Writing my PhD dissertation through the School of Public Health & Tropical Medicine with a concentration in disaster management. I also consult and work for a law firm. 

Past Career Info:
 I lived in Washington, DC and worked as a Women’s Research & Education Institute (WREI) congressional Policy fellow, interned at the Smithsonian National Zoo on Emergence Preparedness and worked on the 2010 BP Oil spill response.

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service:

  • TAA Board Member – Newcomb-Tulane College representative

Community service:    
Member of the Junior League of New Orleans and former sorority advisor. 

Other interests/information: Originally from Houston. Favorite season is crawfish season.Why do you volunteer for Newcomb?  I volunteer for Newcomb because Newcomb taught me so much when I was an undergraduate.  Newcomb is where I learned about leadership, and now I find it important to give back and connect with current undergraduate women.

Elizabeth C. Bellino, NC'98, PHTM '99, R '09 


Other Degrees: MD and Masters of Public Health

Current Career Information: Pediatric Emergency Room Physician at West Jefferson Medical Center and Pediatrician at Children's International Medical group

Community service:

  • Piper International Health Fellowship to develop pediatric care in Kiscro, Uganda from 2009-2013 and Tulane Associate Professor of Pediatric Infectious Diseases. 

Why do you volunteer for Newcomb?  
Newcomb Mentoring Program. 

Elizabeth Clark, 1974, B’79


Other Degrees: MBA, Tulane Freeman School of Business, 1979

Current Career Info:  Partner, Tenzing Consulting, a niche consulting firm focused on providing competitive win strategies and communications for large corporations competing for government contracts.

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service: First opportunity to be able to give back to Newcomb/Tulane in a proactive manner

Community service:

  • Served as past president of large condominium association; board member of Belle Haven Country Club

Other interests/information: Enjoy watching athletics, especially football and baseball; former runner/jogger and now play golf; voracious reader of current events, history; love to hear a well-crafted joke

Why do you volunteer for Newcomb?  Why do you think it is important to give back to your alma mater? Newcomb afforded me the opportunity to see a different part of the country while attending college. (I grew up in Philadelphia.)  I fell in love with the Big Easy and was also lucky enough to be taken under the wing by the Provosty family in Alexandria, LA.  I studied the history of the area, attended many a Mardi Gras and Jazz Fests, and enjoyed the culture and experiences as much as possible.  After graduating from the Business School and migrating to northern California and to DC, I realized I left my “fun at heart” in New Orleans.  Seriously, it’s because of Newcomb and Tulane that I have an interesting career, a company with motivating partners, and challenging work and clients.  I now have the time to give back and Newcomb/Tulane were number on one my priority list.   

Meredith Feike Crane, 2001 - Vice President for New Orleans


Other Degrees:

MA Anthropology (LSU)
Ph.D. Anthrogeography (LSU)

Current Career Info:

  • Adjunct Professor of Anthropology (Tulane)
  • Instructor of Anthropology (Delgado)
  • Professor, Disaster Resilience Leadership Academy of Tulane University (DRLS Master's Program)
  • Published author in the Social Sciences

Past Career Info: Researcher, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service: Interviewer, Newcomb Oral History Project

Community service: Alumnae Board of Directors, Louise S. McGehee School

Other interests/information:

  • Travel, writing
  • Married to William Maxwell Crane
  • Daughter, Charlotte Ann Crane


Catherine Hagaman Edwards,
1972 – NAA President


Current Career Info:  I am married to David Edwards, and am the mother of our three children, Catherine, Eugenia (soon to be married to Mathews Pierson) and Bailey and his wife Anna.  They all live out of town so I fly to see them a lot!

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service:

Tulane President’s Council;  NCI Director’s Advisory Coucil, Past Chairman; NCI foundation Board; NAA Awards Chairman, President;  TAA Strategic Plan Team;  Co-chair Fundraising Campaign to renovate and rename the Bea Field Alumni House

Community service:  Junior League of New Orleans, past President Benjamin Franklin High School Parents’ Association, past President Board of Managers, Poydras Home for the Elderly;  New Orleans Council on the Aging board;  Elder, St. Charles Avenue Presbyterian Church;  Hospice volunteer

Other interests/information:  I like to garden, including design and arrange flowers, read and travel

Why do you volunteer for Newcomb?  Why do you think it is important to give back to your alma mater?

Tulane and Newcomb have been part of me my whole life.  When visiting New Orleans, my parents always brought me to the Alumni House to visit my cousin, Bea Field, for whom the house is now named.  I loved coming to Newcomb – I knew hardly anyone and that presented lots of opportunities to try and experience many new things.  I became an adult during my college years, making many choices that came from the freedom expanding my mind and my friendships.  I hope each young person who attends Tulane now gets many opportunities to learn and grow and, in my alumnae work, I have gotten to know many students.  They are bright, adventurous and understand the value of giving back to both the university and the city.  I admire them greatly and want to be available to guide them and learn from them.

Carter Dudley Flemming, 1970 - Immediate Past President

Carter Flemming

Past Career Info: Served on the staff of US Senator Thomas F. Eagleton, D-MO, 1970-1976

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service:

  • TU Task Force on Integration of Alumni and Development

  • TU Search Committee for Director of Newcomb College Institute

  • Member of Director’s Advisory Council for NCI

Community service:

  • Community volunteer for the last 30+ years. 

  • Served as board chair of The Campagna Center, a local social services provider, and the Alexandria Red Cross. 

  • Served on the Alexandria United Way, Economic Opportunities Commission, and Senior Services of Alexandria. 

  • Court Appointed special Advocate for abused and neglected children. 

  • Commissioner on the Alexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority. 

  • Member of City of Alexandria’s Affordable housing Master Plan Committee.

Other interests/information:

Married to Michael Flemming.  Mother of 2 grown sons and grandmother of 3.  Enjoy gardening, travel, NOLA and friends.

Why do you volunteer for Newcomb?  

I was asked to serve on the NAA Board and became involved in that way.  Have met many wonderful alumnae of all ages, which have reconnected me to my College.  Newcomb played a large role in shaping me as a young adult and it is very rewarding to see the young women of Tulane today taking advantage of the many opportunities offered to them and TU and the NCI.  I think it is important to give back to your alma mater to help ensure that the next generation of young women gets to experience even greater opportunities than my generation had.  Even though our college no longer exists, the legacy of Newcomb lives on at the NCI and I want to support that legacy and encourage other alumnae to see that women have a unique place at TU that is an extension of Mrs. Newcomb’s gift to the young women on her daughter’s generation and beyond.

Ginny Pope, 1999 –
NAA Treasurer


Other Degrees: J.D., NYU School of Law

Current Career Info: Attorney in New Orleans

Past Career Info: Staff Law Clerk, US Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Chicago, IL.

Associate, Debevoise & Plimpton LLP, New York, NY

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service: 10 year reunion gift committee, Town Mom

Community service:

  • New Leaders Council, Louisiana, Co-Director

  • Louisiana Progress, Treasurer

  • Louisiana Progress Journal, Co-Editor

  • New Orleans Outreach, Volunteer

  • Red Cross of Greater Chicago, Volunteer

Other interests/information:

Travel, good books, good friends, and good food.  One day I’ll learn to play the piano.

Husband – Jeremy Hunnewell

Why do you volunteer for Newcomb?  Newcomb was such a large part of my time at Tulane, and I want to make sure that women at Tulane now are able to continue to benefit from Newcomb’s programs as well new opportunities that are relevant to them.  It’s also important to me to bring alumnae together with each other and current students to build networks of strong women to maintain the legacy of Newcomb.

Andrea Mahady Price, 1998

Andrea Turner Price website pic

Other Degrees:  M.A., University of Virginia (2000); J.D., University of Virginia (2004)

Current Career Info: Member, Barrasso, Usdin, Kupperman, Freeman & Sarver, LLC (New Orleans)

Past Career Info: Law Clerk, The Hon. Jacques L. Wiener, Jr., United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service:

I’ve served as a Newcomb Town Mom for several years, attended Newcomb Networking Nights, and spoken at Newcomb in the City

Community service: President, Association for Women Attorneys (New Orleans chapter)

Other interests/information:

I spend as much time as I can with my husband, Todd, and my two sons, James (5) and Roger (2).  

Why do you volunteer for Newcomb?  

I received a wonderful education at Tulane/Newcomb and feel lucky to be part of this community of amazing women.  I’d like to help keep that community alive and welcome new undergraduate women into it.

Kelly Ragland, 2000

Kelly Ragland website pic


Other Degrees:  BA, Newcomb 2001; Political Science & History, minor in Art History MA, University of New Orleans 2010; Arts Administration

Current Career Info: Program Coordinator for First Year Programs, Tulane University

Past Career Info: Gallery Manager of the Edison Gallery in Washington, DC; Worked at the Phillips Collection in DC; NO/AIDS Task Force; American Association of Medical Colleges

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service: Tulane T-Club Member; Selection Committee for Grants for the Newcomb Alumnae Association board.

Community service: Volunteer Event Photographer for the NO/AIDS Task Force in recent years

Other interests/information: Art, Archaeology, Architecture, Travel, Photography

Why do you volunteer for Newcomb? I had one of the best college experiences of anyone I know. I think that had a lot to do with Newcomb focusing on education and opportunities for women. I also met most of the closest friends through my years at Newcomb.

Why do you think it is important to give back to your alma mater? It is important to continue the proud legacy of Newcomb College so that new generations of women can also come into an environment of support, enhanced opportunities, and emphasis on academic excellence. 

Lisa D.T. Rice, 1983

Other Degrees: M.S., Management - MIT Sloan School of Management

 Current Career Info: Senior Director of Political Affairs at the National Retail Federation (NRF), the world's largest retail trade association. NRF represents retailers of all types and sizes, including chain restaurants and industry partners, from the United States and more than 45 countries abroad.

Past Career Info: Was previously the Manager of Political and External Affairs for Citigroup in Washington, DC. She managed the Citigroup's Federal PAC budget and compliance-related matters. She was the point person for PAC disbursements; internal and external events; and political fundraisers for U.S. House and Senate incumbents. Rice also directed presidential fundraisers at Citigroup's New York headquarters.

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service: Active member of the DC Tulane Alumni Club.  Hosted "Dinner with 12 Tulanians" in our home (December 2013). Class agent for Tulane 30 Year Reunion.  Mentor for current Tulane students, and recent graduates, for women students who have an interest in public policy careers.  Hosted on-campus receptions for Tulane PLEN program participants in 2012 and 2013 to address students' questions about careers (and life) in Washington, DC.

Community service: Volunteer and panel speaker on public policy careers -- including resume review -- for women college students who participate in the Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN).  The Public Leadership Education Network (PLEN) is the only national organization with the sole focus of preparing college women for leadership in the public policy arena.         

Other interests/information:  As the mother of a current Tulane junior, a walk-on member of the track team, I enjoy following the team.  I've traveled to meets from Houston to Palo Alto and met other parents, including other Tulane graduates and their families.  It has been fun getting to know current students, observe the changes on campus and see things through the eyes of a new generation of Tulanians.

 Why do you volunteer for Newcomb? I volunteer for Newcomb because it is a place where young women can learn, if they did not know it already, they are the best and the brightest.  Newcomb is unique -- bringing women together in a supportive, caring and intellectually challenging environment.  I was fortunate to have attended an all girls college prep school, so I knew the value of strong relationships with smart women before I journeyed to Tulane.  The Newcomb legacy is a critical part of the university's story and important to keep alive.

Why do you think it is important to give back to your alma mater? It's important we keep Newcomb and Tulane relevant in the 21st century.  As higher education falls out of reach for so many families, it is inevitable that many institutions of higher learning will cease to exist.  It is critical that we strengthen the university for the future through multi-generational support.

Frances Roche, 2013
Frances Roche



Other Degrees: B.A. Political Science, Newcomb Tulane University 2013, cum laude and a proud member of the first class of Newcomb Scholars

Current Career Info:  Currently the Special Projects Coordinator at Courington Kiefer & Sommers, L.L.C., a defense firm based in New Orleans, LA.

Past Career Info: I worked with the Iraqi American Reconciliation Project, or IARP, in Minneapolis, MN to create links between the United States and Iraq by hosting visiting delegations of Iraqi’s, sponsoring projects in Iraq, and assisting in fostering a Sister City relationship with Najaf, Iraq.

Other Newcomb &/or Tulane Volunteer Service: While an undergraduate at Tulane University, I served on the Newcomb-Tulane Honor Board. I volunteered as a peer-educator as well as operator in the Sexual Aggression Peer Hotline and Education program called SAPHE.  Additionally, I utilized my experiences as a student and peer educator to review campus conduct board compliance with Title Nine standards. 

Community Service: As a graduate I have become a regular volunteer with the World Affairs Council of New Orleans or WACNO, volunteering as a media and press relations contact with the organization.

Other interests/info: A long-time lover of tea, I can usually be found curled up with a good book or enjoying getting to know the city on my beloved vanilla beach cruiser bike.  

Why do you volunteer for Newcomb? Being a part of the Newcomb Scholars directed my educational interests and motivated me to strive for more in my learning. In addition my experiences through Newcomb provided me with opportunities to meet wonderful women, many of whom I believe will be life-long friends. I am happy to dedicate my time to an organization that added so much to my years on campus.


Why do you think it’s important to give back to your alma mater? As a recent graduate, my experiences with Newcomb, while a student at Tulane, are still fresh in my mind. I can relate to the students currently involved, and relay their needs to the alumni board. I was so happy while involved with Newcomb as a student, that I was eager to maintain my connection to the institution that gave me so many great memories.

Jane Affolter Simmons,
Newcomb 1972

Jannie Simmons website pic

Other Degrees: 1992 LSU – M.Ed.

Current Career Info:
Semi-retired English Teacher, owner of 1-800-Jane-Eyre tutoring.  Yoga instructor.  Writing and editing.

Past Career Info: Teacher for 26 years, public and private high schools.

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service:
Promotion of Tulane to high school students, bringing students from Baton Rouge to NCI conferences.

Community service:
BR Arts Council Festival, Chairman VIPS (volunteers in public schools), Amnesty International

Other interests/information:
One daughter, twin grandsons. Travel

Why do you volunteer for Newcomb?
In coming back to campus over the years, I have continued to be impressed with the changing directions and opportunities available for Tulane students and alumni.  In recalling my own experiences, I remember the value of mentors and alumni.  I find volunteer work not only rewarding but essential.

Pam Lewis Spanjer, 1979


Current Career Info: Owner and President, Meetings Plus, a full-service meeting and incentive travel planning company

Community Service: Board of Directors, Site Southeast USA, professional organization (Society of Incentive Travel Professionals) and Site Global Committee Chair

Other Interests/Info: Married to Byron; Grandmother to two and Mom to five great kids! Love to travel, watch black & white movies and visit with friends.

Judith Benson Steinberg,



Other Degrees:
Tulane University College, 1984

Past Career Info: nursery school teacher

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service:
1961 Fiftieth Reunion Committee, Homecoming Committee, Newcomb Book Club discussion leader.

Community service: School Library, Synagogue

Other interests/information: Reading, visiting children and grandchildren.

Why do you volunteer for Newcomb? 
I was extremely impressed with the services of NCI and thought NAA was a good way to be involved.  It is important work with and for young women.

Olivia Watkins, 2006 –
NAA Secretary

Olivia Watkins website pic

Current Career Info: Project Leader – Tax Reform, Policy Advisor – Louisiana Department of Revenue

Past Career Info: Mentor for Baton Rouge Youth Coalition

Community Service: Volunteer for Project Purr Baton Rouge

Other Interests/Info: Avid cook – in my previous position as executive media advisor for the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, I talked about seafood safety all day at work and went home to prove it - by pan frying seafood in butter and eating it.

Carolyn Wood, 1986

Carolyn Wood website pic

Other degrees: Masters Degree, History from Harvard University, 1994

Current Career Information: Non-profit and Philanthropy Consultant, I work with a variety of non-profits on fundraising (annual fund, major gifts, capital campaigns), strategic planning and board education and governance. 

Past Career Information: 2007-2010: Director of Development for Wellesley Free Library. 1995-1997: Development Associate, Harvard University. 1989-1993: Director of Development, The Newman School, Boston. 

Other Newcomb and/or Tulane volunteer service: As a student (1982-86) Newcomb Assets, President for Senior Class, Vice President for Newcomb Senate, President for Kappa Kappa Gamma, Recipient of Raymond J. Estus Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Service to Newcomb College. 

Community Service: 

  • The Philanthropy Connection: 2014-present
  • Trustee: The Meadowbrook School of Weston: 2008-2013
  • President: Wellesley Hills Junior Women's Club: 2006-2007
  • Vice President: Junior League of Boston: 1997-1998
  • Volunteer of the Year Award: 1994

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