Class Notes: 1976 to 2009

Stefanie Band Allweiss has joined the Alternative Dispute Resolution's (ADR) mediation and arbitration panel in New Orleans, Louisiana. She was also named one of the "people shaping the metro economy" by the Times Picayune in their June 26, 2009 publication.

Kordice M. Douglas
practices Civil and Corporate Law in Baton Rouge, LA. The Kordice M. Douglas Law Firm, L.L.C. moved to Executive Suites in October 2008. Kordice loves her new office and wants to thank her friends for their support, prayers, and good wishes.

Heidi P. Junius
directed “The Little Dog Laughed,” a hilarious comedy by Douglas Carter Beane. It opened at Le Petit Theatre and ran until May 10th.

Drucilla Crabtree Pugh
has been promoted to Lead Case Supervisor for CASA of Pueblo, CO. She and her husband Michael have lived in Colorado for the last 25 years. They have two daughters who now live in Denver and Phoenix.

Margaret Bauer Lampton's son Mark, a Tulane graduate as of December 2006, is currently serving as an officer in the U.S. Army with deployment orders to Afghanistan in February 2010. Her daughter Lauren, a Cornell graduate as of May 2008, is working in New York with plans to attend graduate school in the fall of 2010.

Kay McArdle
was selected as one of the 2008 Best Dressed Honorees by the Men and Women of Fashion and the New Orleans Ballet Association.

Jeanne Farmer Phelps and her husband moved to the Houston-Katy area from New Orleans in 2007. They are loving it.

Cindy Shapiro Tracy's
company, World of Reading, Ltd., just celebrated its 20th anniversary. Her oldest son just got married!

Lauren Cavallo-Runzel opened a boutique called Gavinin Evanston, Illinois. It is named after one of her daughters. As well as buying for the shop, she continues to play tennis in addition to teaching spinning and boot camp. Her six children range from an 8th grader to a graduate of IU.

Susan Taylor Duane
and her husband have three children ages 21-25. Their daughter Elizabeth graduated from UVA and lives in New York, working at Sotheby's. Their son Marshall graduated from the College of Charlston and is now studying to be a CPA. Caroline, their youngest daughter, is a junior at Vanderbilt. She and her husband have been married since 1982 and have always lived in his hometown of Delray Beach, Florida.

Victoria Alford Guidry
returned to the practice of law in 2008, rejoining Oats & Hudson (William M. Hudson, III, TU Law '83 and Stephen J. Oats, TU Law '83) in the firm's Lafayette office. When not representing business and governmental clients in complex litigation matters, Tori enjoys traveling to visit her three children and running long-distance.

Sara Speer Selber
is helping create new social responsibility profiles for the business community through her company

Jan Leone Shoss
has been married and living in Houston for over 30 years. Her three children, husband and dog are all doing well. Great life!

Ashley L. Belleau, a partner in the New Orleans office of Montgomery Barnett, LLP, has been elected President-Elect of the Federal Bar Association. She was sworn in at the FBA's Annual Meeting and Convention in Oklahoma City on September 12, 2009. She is slated to serve as the FBA's President for 2010-2011.

Colleen Tierney Conlay
is a teacher at Grace King High School in Metairie, LA.

Barbara Danos Cranner
is the executive vice president and part owner of Dr. Holmquist Healthcare, a company based in Mandeville, Louisiana. An article on her company and it's nationally sold Bruise Relief can be found in the September edition of New Orleans CityBusiness North Shore Report.

Chris Hayden-Foderick
is now on Referral Status as a Realtor with EWM Realtors. She has 20 years of experience in Retail Consulting.
She is also substitute teaching middle school in Coral Gables, FL.

Alice Oppenheim London
is the outgoing chairwoman of Annie’s List, a Texas political action committee devoted to electing women toe the Texas legislature.

Nancy McDaniel
just returned home from a week in Columbus, Ohio visiting her grandmother's family.

Nanette Holden Tarbouni
will leave to become the Director of College Counseling at John Burroughs School in St. Louis
after working in the Admissions Office for 25+ years at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri.

Kay Finocchiaro Lawton has her own marketing communications business in Los Gatos, CA.  She was recruited from Washington, D.C. to the Silicon Valley six years ago to do corporate event marketing in high tech.  She landed the job—and a husband as well!

Bonnie Karpay just accepted the position as Club President for the Houston chapter of CEO Space, Inc., a private membership organization that supports entrepreneurs in their desire to grow their businesses from a mere vision to a Reality. She connects entrepreneurs to invaluable resources, education and contacts, all in the name of Cooperation and Collaboration.

Mary Mouton
works in public relations at Mouton Media in New Orleans.

Carolyn Higgs Stanton
and her husband Mike will be celebrating their 10 year anniversary in the Caribbean with their son, Tanner. Mike's wine cellar business, Galt Wine Cellars, is still going strong.

Suzy Guichard McDaniel recently celebrated 25 years of marriage to Dr. Kevin McDaniel, Tulane Biomedical Engineering 1982, Tulane School of Medicine 1986. Their two sons, Kelvin Paul McDaniel, Jr. and Michael Ross McDaniel are undergraduates at Tulane. Their daughter Kristen is in high school. Suzy continues to run her small business and work on her humanitarian projects.

Lisa D T Rice
writes "as with many in the financial services industry, my position was recently eliminated. And so, closer to age 50 than any other zero-ending number, I find myself ramping up a full-time job search. It's humbling and somewhat scary, but for some odd reason, I am not in a panic. Age brings grace and wisdom, eh? Or, perhaps, it has simply brought enough life experience for me to know that this is not the end of the world, but an opportunity to jump start a whole new career.
"Besides a career in neutral, though, life is pretty much as it is for most women my age... a great son (violinist and varsity football linebacker-- woohoo "proud mom alert!") who is a junior in high school; a wonderful partner to whom I'll likely be engaged within the next year; and parents aging not-so-gracefully. Real life, pretty much."

Karen Landsberg Seltzer
was honored at the Parent Resource Center's 2009 Annual Dinner & Auction Fundraiser in Port Washington, New York in May. Proceeds from this event are helping the organization provide affordable and enriching educational and social programs for families in her community.

Eleanor Comer Odom got married September 19, 2009! She and her husband live in Atlanta where they are both attorneys. Both appear on the Nancy Grace show as legal commentators.

Robin Reagler
is the Executive Director of Writers in the Schools (WITS). She also leads the WITS Alliance, a national education outreach group. She lives in Houston with her partner, Marcia Chamberlain, and their two daughters.

Nancy Levin Solomon
is happily married for 23 years. Her daughter, Claire, is a freshman in high school. Her daughter, Liz, is a senior in high school and is looking to go into Broadcast Journalism in college. Nancy has been making and selling beaded jewelry since 2001 through her company Newly Hatched Designs. She has a big charity jewelry show in October where 50% of all sales go to the local food pantry.

Lisa Tawil lives in South Tampa with her husband of 15 years, Rick Brown, and her daughter Jacquelyn (10) and son Albert (5). She was promoted to Executive Oncology Sales Rep in 2008.

Since 2007, Maria Yiannopoulos has worked as the Public Information Officer for a statewide non-profit organization that assists individuals with disabilities in finding the right assistive technology for work, school and community living. Her position gives her the opportunity to expand upon legislative affairs, public policy, dissemination of information as well as raise money for the non-profit. She has two daughters, Sophia (age 13) and Christina (age 8).

Jaye Andras Calhoun was named to Best Lawyers in America 2009. She practices with the McGlinchey Stafford Law Firm in New Orleans.

Stephanie Maslia Ladden
is happily married to Brad Ladden (TU '89). They live in Atlanta with their three children: Allison (15), Jared (12), and Andrew (8). Life is busy and fun, and they stay connected with many Newcomb and Tulane alumni in Atlanta.

Constance Celles Cropp is a new graduate student at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Tex.. She is getting her Master’s of Liberal Studies and expects to graduate in 2011.

Julie Krawcheck Elliott
enjoys her job and tries to keep up with her sons, (19 and 16), as well as her six-year-old boy/girl twins.

Betty Diamond Alessandra is proud to announce that a piece of her art has been accepted for a curated exhibit at the RHINO Gallery, located in the Canal Place Shopping Center, 333 Canal Street (3rd floor) in   New Orleans. The show, Art in a Box, will run from October 1 until November 15. Betty also illustrated the recently published book An Invisible Star (Xlibris Press).

Jennifer Reichenbach Dangar
was recently recognized as Woman of the Year by the Women in Cable Telecommunications' Atlanta Chapter. She is the proud mother of Grace (4) and stepmom of Hilton (11).

Stacia Bank Delaney recently joined as a Special Counsel at Berenbaum Weinshienk P.C., a mid-size full-service law firm, in Denver, Colorado. Stacia's practice includes real estate and business law. She has been living in Colorado since 1993.

Kimberly Willis Kreis spent twelve years in the Air Force and then eight as a stay-at-home mom to her two children, Greyson and Raleigh. Now, she has gone back to work as a high school science teacher.

Carrie Lee Schwartz has just finished designing the Newcomb Alumnae Website with Allison Raynor.

Leslie Lovett lives in Houston and teaches 9th and 11th grade history at the Kinkaid School. Leslie is married to Scott Kohn and has a lovely 12-year-old daughter named Madeleine.

Whitney Hough Wiener graduated from the Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University with her MBA in 2001. Since that time she has been employed by The Williams Companies' natural gas pipeline division in Houston. Her current position is as a Lead Credit Analyst. She has been married to my wonderful husband Keith for eight years, and she has a five-year-old son, Walter, who started school in September.

Shana Nicole Covers is very happy in Baton Rouge with her husband and three children. She is the Director of Institutional Research and Planning for Baton Rouge Community College, and has been working for nearly 20 years in Education Research and Assessment.

Nicole Higgs is engaged to Thaddeus James Doughty, an attorney and Municipal Court Judge in Charleston, SC. Their wedding will be on May 29, 2010 in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Lynell Howard is working toward a Doctorate in Organizational Psychology at Capella University.

Michaela King is a physician at MCLNO/LSU Interim Hospital in Gretna, LA.

Andrea Moore Wethington has “two delightful kids under the age of three, so [her] accomplishments include stain removal and tantrum dispersal.”

Amie Hurst Adams lives in the DC area with her husband Greg and their three boys. She is the SVP at Dunn Associates, a political involvement consulting firm. When she's not attending one of her son's baseball games, she is writing for her blog "Mamma Loves..."

Colleen Peyton Archer and her husband Bill (A&S '92, Medicine '96) have four children ages five, eight, twelve, and fourteen. They return to New Orleans regularly to visit friends and family as well as to eat great food. Colleen volunteers at her children's schools and is a governing board member of Easter Seals North Texas.

Heather Davison
and  Mark Bing announce the birth of their first child, Nathaniel, in August 2008.

Kristin McKenna Dawson is married to James Dawson (A&S '92). She has her Masters in Education.

Viviana Gershanik Denechaud and her husband's newest addition, Charles Benjamin, was born September 28, 2008 in New Orleans while they were evacuated from Houston for Hurricane Ike. Older brother Jack Byrne, who is three-and-a-half-years-old, is happily teaching him the ways of the world.

Shelley Langenhennig Poore
lives in Houston with her husband Louis and six-year-old daughter Genevieve. She is working as a commercial real estate attorney at Fulbright & Jaworski, L.L.P.

Michelle Wheaton Stafford and her husband, Mark, welcomed their second child, Addison Lynn, on May 28th of this year. She joins her big brother, Andrew Charles, who will turn three on December 23rd.

Nicole Brasseaux Barron and her husband are the proud parents of Emma (age 6) and Audrey (age 2).  She and Scott make their home in Monroe, LA where he is an oncologist and she is currently a stay-at-home mom (and formerly an attorney). Additionally, she volunteers in their community and often serves as a board member of various non-profits.

Robin Perlo Berry
and her husband have three children ages four, six, and eight. This past summer they took a nine day road trip from Miami to Houston. They had a blast! They stopped in New Orleans along the way. Their last stop before heading home was for pizza at the Boot. Robin is working part time as both an Event Coordinator and as the Family Life Coordinator of their synagogue. She remains very close to a handful of friends from college who will always be a part of her life. She enjoys spending time with family and friends, running half marathons, playing Mahjong and just trying to balance it all!

In November 2009, Shala Carlson will travel to Hanoi, Vietnam and Chiang Mai, Thailand for the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project. It is Habitat for Humanity's annual week-long build event. Shala will be covering the week's events, including the Carters' visit to Vietnam, for Habitat World and

Lisa Schechter
accepted a faculty position in biology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis about four years ago. Her lab at UMSL has received a research grant from the National Science Foundation to study bacteria that infect plants. She married Richard Bierman two years ago. They have a baby girl named Hannah.

Bernadette Verzosa
is a freelance writer and producer.  She lives in Houston with her husband, Len Cannon, and two year old daughter Sasha.

Liz Murad Waters and her husband Andy just welcomed their second child, Travis Eli, into the family on February 9, 2009. He joins his big sister Lilly, who is four years old.

Jennifer Hamburg lives in Houston with her husband Jeremy and her two-year-old son Mathis. She is a children's television writer and has just sold her first children's picture book to Farrar, Strauss and Giroux.

Margaret Lee Pinkston received an MBA from Monterey Institute of International Studies in 2000. She married Paul Pinkston on May 17, 2008. Their daughter, Teresa Nicole, arrived on June 14, 2009. Margaret has been with US Physical Therapy as Director of Operations since 2002.

Jennifer Sachs lives in New Orleans and works as a Holistic Health Coach and Consultant and a Women's and Community Holistic Wellness Educator.  In 2006 and 2008, Jenn lectured and instructed students in organic and seasonal cooking, Chinese medicine, and herbal healing theory and practice as part of Newcomb College Institute's Fridays at Newcomb and Newcomb Arts Festival programming.  She volunteered for Newcomb Networking Night and the Newcomb Spring Arts Festival, and participated in the 2009 Newcomb College Institute Leadership Summit "Power Lines: Women Transform the Grid."  In 2008, Jenn was selected to serve as the V-Day "V to the Tenth" and Katrina Warriors festival coordinator in conjunction with the Newcomb College Center for Research on Women.  In April 2009, Jenn received a grant through V-Day and the Katrina Warriors Network to continue her pioneering academic and experiential-based scholarship and community programming for women throughout New Orleans and the U.S. Gulf South. 
Jenn credits her can-do attitude to being the youngest child in a large family with strong female role models and the privilege of attending a girls' camp and women's college.  Throughout her years of study and collaboration at Newcomb and Tulane, Jenn has developed life-long mentorships, professional networks and friendships with students and staff from around the globe. 
She hopes to complete her Masters coursework by 2012, while working to expand the development of women's diversity and holistic wellness interdisciplinary programming, both academic and experiential in New Orleans and surrounding areas in the coming years.  To contact Jenn, visit her on the web at or email

Isabel Gonzalez Whitaker co-wrote Latin Chic: Entertaining with Style and Sass (HarperCollins). Currently, she is Senior Editor at InStyle magazine.


Kelly Seymour Dempsey and her husband live in the Houston suburbs. She has a busy practice treating surgical diseases of the breast. They have eight-year-old twin boys, Carson and Colton.

Alix Hayes left television news reporting in Philadelphia and is now a PR manager on the New Jersey Shore. She also owns Shore Points Media, a press release writing and consulting firm. Alix and John Rose married May 9, 2009 in a Jersey Shore wedding with bridesmaids Brittany Troop Abbate (N'96), Whitney Fisler (UC'97), Lisette Alvarez Howells (L'99) and guests Michael Abbate (B'96) and Tiffany Lind Jump (N'96). The bridal party 'les bon temps rouler' with a New Orleans-style musician playing "When the Saints Go Marching In" on the famous Asbury Park Boardwalk.

Andrea Barmad Hughes
was the vice president of The Sterling Group, Inc. until 2003. She changed careers to become a Spanish teacher in Ascension Parish and loves making a difference in the lives of teens. She has two children, Courtney (age 7) and Caden (age 2).

Claire Cali Neumann and her husband Keith have been married for 11 years and have two beautiful children. Camille is six-years-old and Cole is three-years-old. She has been with her current practice for two years and is loving it. She sees several Newcomb and Tulane alums with their children at her office. Their family has stayed in New Orleans and is dedicated to remaining here!

Though Amy Powers worked hard at her profession as a Certified Nurse Midwife, she is currently working hard at her new profession as a full-time mom the her two great kids.

Lisa Rosenblum Strauss was recently elected a partner by her law firm, Bondurant, Mixson & Elmore, LLP in Atlanta, GA.

Rebecca Lynn Mandal-Blasio and her husband Dirk (UC'99) announce the birth of Sophia Rose Blasio on May 26, 2009.

Courtney Brown has published two books and will record a live gospel CD on June 27, 2009 in Baton Rouge.

Amber Williams Countis has served as the Associate Director of Prospect Research at Tufts University since November 2008. In 2008 she received a certificate in Management of Community Organizations and in 2009 a Master of Public Policy from Tufts. Amber is secretary of the board of directors for the New England Development Research Association (NEDRA). She is an active member of the Association of Professional Researchers for Advancement (APRA). She also volunteers with the Junior League of Boston and Alpha Omicron Pi Fraternity, where she currently serves as a Collegiate Network Director for 11 chapters in the Southeast.

Crystal Johnson
was awarded a major National Science Foundation grant in 2008 for her research in marine microbiology.

Fisher and Pamela Dobie Key announce the birth of identical twin boys, Robbie and Knox, on February 5, 2009. Pamela is a real estate lawyer for The Gap, Inc.

Stacey Miller completed her PhD in Consulting Psychology this spring. She is currently working at Angelica Corporation with operations headquarters in Alpharetta, GA as Director of Talent Management. Stacey currently lives in the greater Atlanta area.

Martha Rodriguez has moved from New York and is now working for the U.S. Coast Guard in Washington DC. She is the Direct Commission Lawyer Program Manager, and she recruits lawyers, law students, and summer interns to the Coast Guard Legal Program.

Elizabeth Bellino completed her residency in pediatrics at Tulane School of Medicine. She was awarded the Dauphinot D. Piper International Medicine and Health Fellowship at the Tulane School of Medicine for 2009-2010. She serves as a clinical fellow in pediatrics at Tulane, and as part of the fellowship will be helping establish health care facilities on the Uganda/Congo border beginning in January 2010.

Julie Wokaty Kozma was promoted to Major in the Air Force Reserves in July 2009. She has been flying for Delta Air Lines since August 2007.

Stephanie Michael currently lives in Atlanta with her husband Kevin Cunane (UC '97) and two-year-old daughter, Katie. She is a partner with the podiatry group Foot and Leg Healthcare Specialists. She is also the chair of the podiatry department at Wellstar Cobb Hospital in Austell, GA. She recently became board certified in foot surgery by the American Board of Podiatric Surgery.

Christina Styron
has been back in New Orleans for six years now. She is currently working for the Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine and the School of Medicine in strategic planning and business development. She married Kieran Cahalan last December. Julie Alvarez and Mimi Casteel, both Newcomb '98, served as bridesmaids. The couple resides in the Marigny neighborhood, which they love! Kieran serves as the acquisitions manager at the Green Project in New Orleans.

Erin Kutinac Craig and her husband Daniel (TU '99) welcomed a baby girl, Mila Evalyn, on November 12, 2009.

Sharan Lieberman
recently returned to New Orleans with her husband Jordan Karlitz. She is currently working as an Assistant United States Attorney at the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Eastern District of Louisiana, investigating and prosecuting fraud and white-collar criminal cases. Here husband is working as an Assistant Professor at Tulane Medical School in the Department of Gastroenterology. He also has an Adjunct appointment at LSU-University Hospital and is the Assistant Program Director of the Tulane Gastroenterology Fellowship program.

Julia White Lookabill and her husband Ryan have lived in Hawaii for about a year and a half. She is in her fifth year as an Account Executive with TEKsystems, and he is a Naval officer currently stationed at Pearl Harbor. They are expecting their first child on September 20, 2009.

Victoria Nooner Ozimek currently works as a tax attorney at Vinson & Elkins in their Tax Exempt Finance and Organizations practice group. She and Brian welcomed a daughter, Linnea Rose, into the family this past May. She joins a big brother, Benjamin Olle.

Summer Sheppard would like to announce the birth of her daughter Skye Elyse Keshet. Also, Summer has advanced to ABD and should graduate with her PhD in Hispanic Linguistics and Literature in the spring of 2010. She is currently finishing her dissertation.

Rachel Breen Everaard completed her 12th marathon last January and qualified to run the Boston Marathon in April 2010.

Brooke Shoenfeld Pratt moved to St. Louis, MO in May 2008. She had her second child, Margot, in October of that same year. Her big brother, Nash, is two years old. Margot’s first visit to Tulane, her future alma mater, was at six weeks old.

Rebekah Dobrasko was selected to participate in Leadership South Carolina, Class of 2010. Leadership South Carolina is the nation's oldest leadership training. Rebekah also received the 2009 Newcomb College Young Alumna Award.

Jocelyne Fliger
lives in Tallahassee, FL with her husband and their dogs Joplin and Knola. Knola is a certified therapy dog. Jocelyne works as Training Coordinator for a non-profit crisis counseling hotline. She and her husband travel often and are planning a trip to Australia for the middle of next year.

Christy Hall
lives in Atlanta where she is in private practice as a psychologist.

Katherine Iannuzzi is an attorney for the Douglas County Solicitor-General in Atlanta.

Meghan Johnson is the School Library Media Specialist at James F. Byrnes High School.

Allison Liebman Cannizaro is an attorney for Sessions, Fishman, Nathan & Israel, LLP in Mandeville, LA.

Alison Goldman
recently married Dr. Alex Horowitz. She continues to work as a National Account Executive for Yahoo!.

Simone Bacchus Boustead and her husband Thomas would like to announce the birth of their daughter, Madison Elizabeth, on September 14, 2009.

Tania K. Cardoso has started her own law firm in Long Beach, CA practicing Landlord/Tenant Law.

Melanie Hackney is in her third year of a PhD program in the Department of French Studies at LSU. Currently, she is participating in an exchange program which enables her to conduct research in the Centre d'Etudes Supérieures de la Civilisation Médiévale in Poitiers, France. She will be there until the end of July, at which time she will return to Baton Rouge for the final year of her program.

Jenny Palcic is getting her Ph.D. in Child Clinical Psychology from LSU and completing a fellowship in Pediatric Psychology at Baylor College of Medicine.

Amanda Sheldon Roberts married Sean Roberts on September 19, 2009 in Lenoir City, TN. They met while in grad school at Duke University and now live in the Washington, DC area. Mandy is working as a Research and Policy Analyst for Enterprise Community Partners, a non-profit that specializes in affordable housing development and community development. She loves her job and is happy in life.

Rhonda Hattar and Scott Noble (TC '04) were married on August 15, 2009 in Castle Rock, Colorado.

Jessica Irizarry currently lives and works in Alpharetta, GA. In 2010 she is enrolling in Nova Southeastern University's Fischler School of Education and Human Services M.S. Speech-Language Pathology Program.

Laura Nicholson married Rob Procaccianti in Newport, Rhode Island on May 15, 2009. Alumnae in the wedding party were Lauren Sachs (N'04), maid of honor, and Paula Eichenbrenner (N'04), bridesmaid. Other Newcomb/Tulane alumni in attendance were Betsy Gibson (N'04), Emily Rubin Egley (N'04), Jacki Becker (N'05), Vik Vij (TC'04), Will Yester (E'04), Michael Naaman (TC'04), and Jeremy Hall (TC'05). Rob and Laura currently live in Narragansett, Rhode Island.

Nelle Sacknoff loves being active in the Norcal/Bay Area Tulane Alumni Chapter through organizing and attending events and volunteer work. She is currently building momentum with an organization/project called "'frieNdS of nelle' -- Global connection: putting friends and good first." It connects and helps business and non-profit professionals globally to promote "good," corporate and social responsibility, through strategic marketing, events, and connection consulting work. (See her blog for more information.)

Lisa Kozak Sweat
is an accountant for Gibbs Construction in New Orleans.

Claire Breedlove recently returned from working in Niger. She joined the Foreign Service in September. Her first tour will be in Colombo, Sri Lanka beginning in March 2010. She will be there until March 2012. While a tour in Africa was her first choice, she and her puppy Louie are very excited for the move. She would like to add that Sri Lanka is a great place to visit. (She would love to have visitors over the next two years!)

Jessica Burt is working as a full-time instructor at North Shore Community College in Wenham, MA.

Sarah Covert started a new job at the Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana. She recently bought a house and will be moving in as soon as the renovations are completed.

Emily Edwards  married Ted Holm (E'05) in New Orleans on July 11, 2009. Alumni in the wedding party included Kady Van Hook (N'06), Beth Bender (N'07), Ehren Stanhope (B'05), Joe Seremet (B'05), Dan Schapiro (TC'06), and Donnie Dixon (TC'04). They currently live in Birmingham, AL.

Amelia M. Jernigan is working as a Physician in Residence at Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Emily McWilliams is working to get her Ph.D. in Philosophy from Harvard University.

Casey Mochel is putting her Newcomb French degree to good use by working for the French-American Chamber of Commerce, Pacific Northwest Chapter. She is in charge of planning NetWine (networking + wine) and assists with larger soirees such as Beaujolais Nouveau and Bastille Day. La vie est belle, n'est-ce pas?

Julie Nullman
graduated from Nova Southeastern University with a Doctor of Dental Medicine Degree in May 2009.

Maria Purvis recently graduated from Tulane Law and is living in Louisiana. However, since her family has just purchased a cabin in Michigan, she is enjoying the best of both the North and South.

Kerry Walsh is Director of Events for the National Republican Senatorial Committee. She is engaged to Jeremy Stockwell.

Erin Bowers is working to get her Ph.D. in Chemical Biology from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

Amy Carden  married Garrett Gatzemeyer on December 28, 2008 in Columbus, Georgia. Both are active in the Army and are stationed in Ft. Lewis, Washington.

Lauren DeFrank has been named a Presidental Management Fellow, and is moving to Washington, DC where she will work as an Enviornmental Planner with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Institute for Water Resources. She is engaged to Nick Leuck, and will be married in March 2010.

Jennifer Thomas Ellison
is a Carbon Analyst at Pace Global Energy Services. She and her husband Charles recently bought their first home.

Natalie Ferrell has just begun the Masters International Program in International Health and Development at the Tulane School of Public Health. As part of the MPH program, she will be serving as a Peace Corps volunteer beginning next year!

Jenna Randall
is working as team support for Amnesty International’s Stop Violence Against Women and Sexual Diversity.

Alisha Reaves recently graduated from The George Washington University with a Masters of Arts degree in International Affairs.

Kea Turner is attending graduate school at UNC Chapel Hill, where she is working on her Ph.D. in education. She is engaged to Rick Moras.

Olivia Watkins is organizing a tutoring program for kindergartners at Children's Charter School for Business Report employees. She is currently covering the Stanford Financial Group's alleged Ponzi scheme.

Megan Goedewaagen is living in Los Angeles, California, and working in the film industry. She recently finished filming/direction a documentary in Cambodia.

Emily Petrino is in her second year of law school at American University in Washington, D.C. Since graduation, Emily has traveled to Ghana as a United Planet volunteer and summer, 2009, will find her in Cameroon working as a legal aide helping to define laws to prevent child trafficking.

Elise Wong lives in Houston where she works as the Associate of District Strategy for the Houston region of Teach For America. She and her high school sweetheart, Jonathan Harrist, are engaged and have recently bought a house in Pearland, TX.

Jill Zimmerman will begin a three-month stint as a policy assistant at Tulane's Cowen Institute in September, 2009. For more information about the Cowen Insititute, please click here.

Emily Kornegay is attending graduate school at Villanova University and is working toward earning a Master’s in Communication with a focus in strategic communication.

This summer Rebecca Otten lived in Kampala, Uganda and worked at an orphanage for children two-years-old and younger. The children were absolutely adorable, and she was able to help the administrators prepare a proposal to start a new mother-child unit this coming spring. It was a great experience and learning opportunity. She plans to return as soon as possible.

Brooke Sizer is in her first year at University of Houston Law School.

Jaclyn Eldridge Thornton
and her husband John just married on July 9, 2009 at Walt Disney World. They recently moved to New Orleans as John is attending Tulane Medical School. Jaclyn will be serving as an AmeriCorps VISTA at the Tulane Center for Public Service starting in November.


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