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Journalist Jill Jackson, NC 1934, remembers


WHAAATTT! And Leave Show Business!!!

Meet Newcomb alumna Jill Jackson (1912-2010) in her own words as she recalls her work and life as a journalist on the American sports and entertainment beat from New Orleans to Hollywood (PDF).

Comments by NCCROW Research Professor Beth Willinger remembering Jill Jackson, who died in Los Angeles in September 2010, including a link to WHAAATT! And Leave Show Business!!!


We are proud to announce the recent release of our newest report.

Katrina and the Women of New Orleans

Katrina and the Women of New Orleans

Katrina and the Women of New Orleans is a collaborative effort of the Gender and Disasters Research Group sponsored by the Newcomb College Center for Research on Women. The goal in writing this report was to analyze the ways the hurricanes of 2005 affected the lives of women and girls and to bring those findings to the attention of policy makers, community leaders, scholars, grant makers, and disaster managers.

The ten chapters of the report focus on the pre-storm vulnerability and post-storm resilience of New Orleans women, and tackle the dearth of qualitative data specific to women to report on housing, employment and earnings, women’s physical and mental health, and domestic violence.  

The report is available for download and redistribution as a single PDF, and as PDFs of individual chapters.

 Some rights reserved. Please contact or phone 504 865 5238 for permissions.

Download Katrina and the Women of New Orleans (full report)

(Executive Report and Summary of Findings/PDF/76 pages/1.7 MB)


Chapter Downloads


Chapter I. Gender and Disasters: Theoretical Considerations
Shirley Laska, Betty Hearn Morrow, Beth Willinger and Nancy Mock

Chapter II. Queer Katrina: Gender and Sexual Orientation Matters in the Aftermath of the Disaster

Charlotte D’Ooge

Chapter III. Demographic and Socioeconomic Change in Relation to Gender and Katrina
Beth Willinger with Jessica Gerson

Chapter IV. The Effects of Katrina on the Employment and Earnings of New Orleans Women
Beth Willinger

Chapter V. A Status Report on Housing in New Orleans After Katrina: An Intersectional Analysis
Rachel E. Luft with Shana Griffin

Chapter VI. Health and Health Care

Nancy Mock

Chapter VII. Mental Health Status of Women and Children Following Hurricane Katrina

Stacy Overstreet and Berre Burch

Chapter VIII. Domestic Violence and Disaster
Pamela Jenkins and Brenda Phillips

Chapter IX. Sexual Health of Young Women
Meghan Greeley and Planned Parenthood of Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta

Chapter X. The Power to Influence

Beth Willinger



Berre Burch and Stacy Overstreet
Department of Psychology, Tulane University

Meghan Greeley
Planned Parenthood of Louisiana and the Mississippi Delta

Pam Jenkins
Department of Sociology, University of New Orleans

Betty Phillips
Fire and Emergency Management Program, Oklahoma State University  

Shirley Laska
Center for Hazards Assessment, Response and Technology and the Department of Sociology; University of New Orleans

Betty Hearn Morrow, emerita
Department of Sociology, Florida International University

Rachel E. Luft
Department of Sociology, University of New Orleans  

Shana Griffin
INCITE! Women of Color against Violence

Charlotte D’Ooge, Nancy Mock, and Beth Willinger
Newcomb College Center for Research on Women, Tulane University.

Newcomb College Center for Research on Women @ Tulane University New Orleans, LA 70118  504-865-5238