Muriel Arceneaux Collection

Muriel Arceneaux Collection


Collection: NAC 279-283
Size: 5 cubic feet
Accession Number: 00-9LaW
Location: NCCROW


Donation by Muriel Arceneaux




Amanda N. Sheldon, Newcomb Class of 2003
Last Updated: Fall 2000


The material has been arranged in five storage boxes that correspond to the boxes in which the material was originally received. All attempts have been made to preserve the original order (mostly chronological order).

All papers have been unfolded and laid flat, and some metal fasteners have been removed. Much of the material was received in three-ring binders and large file folders. This material has been removed and placed in smaller file folders. If the material from the original three-ring binders or larger folders required more than one file folder, then the folders were labeled with the same heading and numbered accordingly.


Inventory with folder descriptions is available in the repository.


Muriel Arceneaux has been a long-time advocate of women’s rights. She served as a member of the Terrebonne Chapter of the National Business and Professional Women’s Club between 1973 and 1985, and as chairwoman of the Legislative Committee 1975-1978. In addition, she served the Business and Professional Women’s Club (BPW) as the State Legislative Chair between 1978 and 1981. Ms. Arceneaux was involved in the planning of the International Women’s Year, Louisiana Conference. She served her community as a member of the Terrebonne YWCA in numerous administrative capacities between 1979 and 1987. She became directly involved in the political arena as an elected member of the Democratic State Central Committee, where she worked in political campaigns of women and Democratic Presidential candidates from 1987 to 1991. She was also a dedicated supporter of the ERA and an active member of the Terrebonne Parish Chapter of the American Cancer Society. Her educational background includes a B.A. in Sociology from the Alabama College for Women (now the University of Montevallo) and a Masters of Education form Nicholls State University.


This collection contains materials gathered by Muriel Arceneaux during her professional, volunteer, and service-related career between the years of 1974 and 1992 (with the majority of the material falling in the late 1970s and early 1980s). The bulk of this collection consists of personal correspondences, notes, newspaper clippings, meeting agendas, and organizational documents from Muriel Arceneaux’s personal involvements. Also included in the collection are publications from national and state organizations, such as The National Federation of Business and Professional Women’s Clubs and Louisiana: Priorities for the Future. This collection would be of particular interest to those researching the feminist movement in Louisiana, especially in the Terrebonne Parish area.


Box 1 of 5 NAC-279

BPW 7/1/74 — 6/30/75
Louisiana Governor’s Conference on Women 1976
BPW 7/1/75 — 6/30/76 (3 folders)
BPW 7/1/76 — 6/30/77 (3 folders)
Folder 3: National Business Woman, the Magazine
BPW 1977 — 1978 - Political Action Conferences
Workshops [ca. 1977]
BPW 7/1/77 — 6/30/78 (6 folders)
From "National Business Woman" Binder (2 folders)
Folder 1: National Business Woman, the Magazine

Box 2 of 5 NAC-280

BPW 7/1/78 — 6/30/79
BPW Political Action 9/78
National Business Woman and The Pelican, publications (1978 — 1979)
National Business Woman and The Pelican, publications (1979 — 1980)
BPW 7/1/80 — 6/30/81, publications
BPW 7/1/81 — 6/30/82
BPW 7/1/82 — 6/30/83
BPW 7/1/83 — 6/30/84
BPW 7/1/84 — 6/30/85
BPW 7/1/85 — 6/30/86
BPW 7/1/86 — 6/30/87
ERA 7/1/75 — 6/30/76 (2 folders)
Folder 1: including Drake Law Review
Folder 2: ERA pamphlets
ERA 7/1/76 — 6/30/77
Feminism Notes — Nicholls State University Course
From binder "Louisiana: Priorities for the Future" (3 folders)

Box 3 of 5 NAC-281

"…To Form a More Perfect Union": justice for American Women, 1976 (copy 1 of 2)
"…To Form a More Perfect Union.": justice for American Women, 1976 (copy 2 of 2)
International Women’s Year, Live Recording, November 1977 (first 12 audiocassettes)
International Women’s Year, Live Recording, November 1977 (second 12 audiocassettes)
The Spirit of Houston: The First National Women’s Conference, 1977 (copy 1 of 2)
The Spirit of Houston: The First National Women’s Conference, 1977 (copy 2 of 2)
Domestic Violence: Prevention and Services, Hearings before the Subcommittee on Select Education of the Committee on Education and labor of the House of Representatives, July 10, 11, 1979
Muriel Arceneaux Collection
Proposed National Plan of Action, National Women’s Conference, 1977 and United
States Women: Issues and Progress in the UN Decade for Women, 1976 — 1985
International Women’s Year — National
International Women’s Year — State
Louisiana Women’s Conference for International Women’s Decade, 1977 (2 folders)

Box 4 of 5 NAC-282

YWCA Organizational Information
YWCA 11/1/77 — 6/27/83 (2 folders)
YWCA 4/4/84 — 4/16/85 (2 folders)
YWCA 4/15/85 — 9/16/85 (2 folders)
YWCA 8/19/85 — 6/15/87 (4 folders)

Box 5 of 5 NAC-283

Personal Notes on School Board address (1976) and on Gloria Steinem (1980)
Louisiana Women’s Political Caucus
LSU Cooperative Extension Service — assorted pamphlets
Louisiana Priorities for the Future (1976)
Louisiana Democratic Convention (1980)
Member, Louisiana Democratic Committee 11/88 — 3/92 (4 folders)
American Cancer Society and Environmental Affairs 1989 — 1991
Completed Studies on Terrebonne Parish
Outshoppers Survey for Downtown Houma Trade Area, 1985
Women’s Washington Representative Issues
Development Materials and Brochures for "Who’s Minding the Family" and "Parents’ Resource Directory" 1982-1983 (5 folders)
Folder 2: Notes on "Who’s Minding the Family" Seminar, October 1-2, 1982
Folder 3: YWCA Parents’ Resource Directory, Terrebonne Parish, 1982 Edition
Folder 4: YWCA Parents’ Resource Directory, 1983 Edition & Other Assorted Materials
Folder 5: New Orleans YWCA Personnel Policies and By-laws

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