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Maurice Durbin Collection

Maurice Durbin Collection

Size: 1 cf.
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Location: NCCROW



Donation by Maurice Durbin





Jenna Kay, Newcomb College 2004
Last Updated: Spring 2001



Materials have been arranged in one box in thirteen (13) separate folders with low acidic bases. Materials have been organized in the same order as received; hence, Maurice Durbin has done the organization herself. Most of the material donated is on loose-leaf paper; some of the materials have been put in separate folders, which were not usually marked. Often dates and authors are not included in articles, letters, speeches, or miscellaneous papers. The documents have been flattened, recopied, and all metal fastenings have been removed.



Maurice Durbin worked as a lobbyist for women's rights in Louisiana. She began her work in the late 1970's and later became Louisiana's first paid lobbyist. She collaborated with others in the formation of the Louisiana's Women's Network and became an integral part of its structure. Durbin worked alongside legislators to get her voice, as a representative of the Louisiana women, heard. She devoted a large portion of herself and her time to the Equal Rights Amendment in Louisiana by lobbying for it, making it a part of the Network agenda, by alerting the public, and by getting other people and organizations involved. She has given many speeches as a sort of spokeswoman for lobbyists. She wrote and published articles and newsletters concerning issues that she found to be important to the Louisiana women's movement. She has also been recognized by the state for her achievements in politics and her devotion to the movement. Maurice Durbin is known for dedicating her life to having a voice and then ensuring that her voice gets heard.



This collection consists of photocopies of personal letters, newspaper clippings, cartoons and editorials, magazine articles, and specifically formatted and simplified pieces of legislature that directly relate to the politics and/or issues of the time. There are some booklets, pamphlets, and leaflets that were produced by organizations involved in the issues included. Also there are fragments and notes for and from speeches delivered by Durbin, none of which are dated and few if any are final drafts. The issues presented and preserved in the collection include the Equal Rights Amendment, abortion, childcare,  child support, domestic abuse, rape and women's equality within the 1980s and early 1990s. All of the issues were of key importance to Durbin and the Louisiana Women's Network. Information regarding these issues included are generally restricted to Louisiana politics though sometimes a national perspective is evident.


Box 1 of 1

  • Folder 1

  • ERA explanation and suggestions
  • Listing of LA legislators
  • Listing of groups of people in support in and in opposition of ERA
  • Personal letters concerning the network and the ERA
  • Articles explaining ERA and its progress
  • Promotional Flyers for ERA
  • Folder 2

  • The Equal Rights Amendment: 31 Editors speak out (booklet published by ERAmerica with a grant from Women in Communication Inc.)
  • Folder 3

  • Opinions of ERA survey
  • ERA analysis on elections of unratified states
  • Articles concerning different group opinions of ERA
  • Leaflet concerning LA community property law
  • Pamphlet titled "Labors Case for ERA"
  • Pamphlet explaining why homemakers need ERA
  • 1966 and 1979 copy of ERA in constitutional from
  • list of LA House of Representatives opinions on ERA
  • Folder 4

  • "Women Urged to Fight Tax Cuts" by Eleanor Rushing
  • "Landrieu Treasury a Vital Concern" by Nancy Bergeron
  • "Maurice Durbin to be Speaker at Commission for Women Banquet"
  • "Lobbying a Full Time Job for Durbin" by Kathy Calonge
  • "Durbin, Allen to the Honored at Banquet"
  • "Women Lobbyists Mean Business–Struggle to be Taken Seriously Continues" by Karen Martin
  • Photograph of Mary Gilbert, inscription and letter attached
  • Louisiana Woman ( a small news journal published Dec. 2, 1989
  • Folder 5

  • Editorial cartoon mocking women efforts in ERA
  • Louisiana Capital Review published by LA News Bureau
  • "Controversy: Should Doctors be Performing Genital Mutilation?" May 1993 Glamour
  • LA representatives and senate ERA vote tally and sentiments
  • "A Brief in Support of its Ratification" proposal write-up of ERA prepared for the League of women Voters of the U.S.A.
  • Folder 6 (titled 'abortion' by Durbin)

  • transcribed legislative session between senate members concerning bill 438
  • 1985 editorial by Ellen Goodman
  • "Doctors and Abortions" by Lloyd Shearer, 1990
  • LA Republicans For Choice newsletter
  • Advice column gives history of birth control methods
  • Editorial by James L Crump in response to '85 Goodman editorial
  • Pamphlet "What the Bible Says About Abortion"
  • Folder 7

  • "Our National Heritage" Aug 26, '81 by Billie M. Bobbit
  • "Women's Equality Day" by Milfred Jeffery
  • "Women's Concerns About Change in Voting Patterns–Regan vs. Carter"
  • "The ERA and Pension Protection For Homemakers", a newsletter
  • State ERAs
  • Letter to the editor by Lynne Burks
  • Booklet " the Missing Link to Passage of the ERA" published by the National Alliance of Black Feminists
  • "Massachusetts Supreme Court Keeps ERA and Abortion Separate" press release
  • "Am I a Full Citizen?"
  • Handwritten note to Lee Hardgrove (?)
  • Folder 8

    • Political cartoons
    • "Senate Votes to Purge Sexual Bias From Laws"
    • "Senate Sends House Bill to Take Sex Bias Out of State Laws"
    • "LA High Court Issues Child Support Ruling"
    • "Senate OK's Measure to Strengthen Rape Laws"
    • "House of Reps Kills Attempt to Change Custody Laws"
    • "House OK's Bill to Change Law on Filing Charges"
    • "Senate Bills Tightening Sex Offense Laws OK'd"
    • "Senate OK's Tougher Laws on Sex Offenses"
    • More Than Money Needed"–concerning child support laws
    • "Panel Adds to Budget Bill, Adjourns in Disarray"
    • "LA Leads Region in Collecting Child Support" by Brad Piece
  • Folder 9

    • The Right of Women to Name Their Children–a booklet by Priscilla Ruth MacDougall
  • Folder 10

    • Women of Louisiana Book of National and Gender Comparisons
  • Folder 11

    • Letters from Priscilla Ruth MacDougall 
    • write-up of LA Constitutional Act for Children's Last Names
    • Correspondence between MacDougall and Pierce Barker
    • Copy of the Naming Act of New Hampshire 1983
    • Analysis of Naming Bill
    • Telephone number for some man in records
  • Folder 12

    • "Courses, Tests and Even Teacher Favor Boys, Study Claims" 
    • "The Gender Gap Bears Checking"
    • "Gender Gap Alive but Not Well" by Hayes Johnson
    • "When Looking Good is No Good" by Judy Mann
    • "Last Bastion About to Fall" by Ellen Goodman
    • "Take an Advance Look at All Sides of the Issue"
    • "Sisterhood Declined as Equality Builds" by Ellen Goodman
    • "A Bit More Than An Inconvenience" by James Kilpatrick
    • "Cow Camp Jokes and Rape Myths" by Clarence Page
    • "Fetal Protection and Job Rights" by Ellen Goodman
    • "Discounts at the Wrong End" by Ellen Goodman
    • "An Attitude that Leads to Violence" by Judy Mann
    • "High Court Rules For Narrow View of Discrimination"
    • "Feminists Trouble Catholics" by Mary Kay Blakely
    • "Going After Deadbeat Daddies" by James Kilpatrick
    • "Women-Power" intelligence report by Lloyd Shearer
    • "Why and When Some Women Vote" by Judy Man, 1986
    • "The Women Have Won the Revolution" by Jeff Greenfield
    • "Consult the Victim in a Plea Bargain" by Roy Pitchford
    • "Sexual Harassment and the Courts" by James Kilpatrick
    • "Dreamers Who Put it on the Line Leave a Legacy" by Erma Bombeck
    • "Schools Should Lead on in Equality" by Judy Mann
    • "O'Conner says Women's Issues Will Occupy the Courts for Years"
    • "A Post Feminist Convention" 1988
    • "Claire Booth Luce, One of the Most Influential Women of Her Age, Dies"
    • "Raw Deal For Women"
    • "Gender Gap a Big Dilemma for Bush" by Tom Fielder
    • "The Senate Owes This Help to Women" by Judy Mann
    • "Bach, Shakespeare, and Sexual Bias" by Gary Wills
    • "Just Segregation in Another Guise" by Ellen Goodman
    • "Women Not Fully Represented Yet"
  • Folder 13

  • drafts of speeches by Durbin
  • notes for speeches by Durbin
  • notes from speeches
  • legislative updates for Network meetings (packets, briefs)
  • Newsletter to Network members by Maurice Durbin
  • "Law Aids Women Now" by Maurice Durbin

End of Maurice Durbin Collection

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