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Karlene Tierney Collection

Karlene Tierney Collection



Collection: NAC 287-288, NAB 075-076

Size: 2.5 cubic feet

Accession number:

Location: NCCROW


Donation by Karlene Tierney




Amanda N. Sheldon, Newcomb College Class of 2003


The material in this collection has been arranged into four storage boxes (two large boxes and two small boxes) that correspond to the boxes in which it was originally received. In most cases, the original subject headings of the folders have been maintained. All attempts have been made to preserve the original order of the material. The papers in this collection have been unfolded, whenever possible, and all metal fasteners have been removed.


Karlene Tierney was extremely active in the 1970s and early 1980s feminist movement in Louisiana. The majority of her activities revolved around attempts to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in her state. Ms. Tierney was an adamant proponent of the ERA and was a member of several pro-ERA organizations. She was one of the key founders of the Louisiana ERA Coalition and was the Louisiana State Co-Director of ERA United. Ms. Tierney was also the State Coordinator of Women in Politics and Chairwoman of the Louisiana Division of AAUW (American Association of University Women). In addition, Karlene Tierney was also involved in NOW (National Organization for Women) and WPC (Women's Political Caucus).


This collection contains materials relating to Karlene Tierney's ERA activities and involvements. The bulk of this collection consists of personal correspondences, newspaper clippings, and organizational documents from the women's organizations in which Ms. Tierney was an active member. Included in this collection are several membership lists of her various organizations and also the publications of national, state, and local chapters of these women's organizations. Please note that on the insides of some folders (especially in box 3) are written the text of short notes left by Ms. Tierney for explanation or clarification of the materials contained in those folders. The Karlene Tierney collection would be of particular interest to those researching the ERA in Louisiana and the various organizations and coalitions involved in the ratification effort.

Box 1 of 4 ? NAB 075

Founding Meeting–ERA Coalition (December 1973)

ERA Coalition

The Equal Rights Amendment: Its Scope and Effect

Louisiana Constitutional Convention, 1973

Catholic Women

Women in Politics

Founding of the Louisiana Women's Political Caucus

Louisiana Women's Political Caucus By-Laws

Louisiana Women's Political Caucus Reports (early 1980s)

1973 ERA Resources

1974–The Big Push

ERA United of Louisiana Projects/ Action

ERA Central Newsletters

Correspondence after 1974 failure

ERA Other States' Advice

Misc. Pro-ERA organizations (Housewives for ERA, church organizations, etc.)

Box 2 of 4? NAB 076

Correspondence, 1974

Telecommunications (Wats Line) Info.

Newspaper Clippings '72-'74, Correspondence '72-'74

Workshops for 1974 Louisiana Ratification

League of Women Voters of the United States Legislative Action ERA Kit

Common cause Action Program for the Ratification of the Equal Rights

Amendment, 1973

Louisiana Conference for ERA Coalition Groups, 1974

1973 & 1974 ERA Coalition Phone Calls, 1974

1973 phone calls (original notebook)

ERA Steering Committee 1974-1975

ERA Steering Committee 1974-1975 —- Notebook (original)

1975 ERA Correspondence

A New Day! After ERA failed nationally, 1982


Box 3 of 4? NAC 287

ERA Bumper Stickers

May 1974 ERA Clippings

AFL-CIO Convention — Spring 1974

Workshops by National Groups — Spring 1974, Sponsored by Common Cause

Spring 1974 Telephone Calls — Common Cause Workshops (original notebook)

Support Material/Resources

Methodist Film Strips 1974

Contact people in various groups

1974 ERA phone calls (original notebook)

1974 ERA phone calls (copies of notebook)

Basic 1974 History (2 folders)

Publications of UAW, Common Cause, National American Woman Suffrage Association, etc.

1974 ERA United office records — Addresses

1974 ERA United office records — Sales Items

1974 ERA United office records — Speech Notes

1974 ERA United office records — Governor

1974 ERA United office records — State by state status

1974 ERA United office records — Maps

1974 ERA United office records — Resource Material — Against

1974 ERA United office records — Pro Resources (2 folders)

1974 ERA United office records — Common Cause

1974 ERA United office records — LWV ERA KIT

The New York Times Magazine — June 24, 1973

Assorted Pro-ERA pamphlets and flyers

"Training the Woman to Know Her Place: The Social Antecedents of Women in the World of Work"

National Woman's Party literature

ERAmerica National ERA strategy session; August 18-19, 1979


Women in Politics: 1871-1973

Equal Rights Amendment Project

League of Women Voters of the United States, 1073 Resource Kit

Background Resources used in the 1970s

Common Cause Action Program for the Ratification of the Equal Rights


Legal Material from Sylvia Roberts

1972 Vote and Griffiths

Feminism B.R. '73 — Clippings & NWPC

Louise Johnson Letter

ERA United organizing meeting, December 1973

ERA Central, New Orleans

ERA Coalition, Alexandria

Volunteers 1973 & 1974

Late '73 — Early '74 Cards sent to Legislators


Box 4 of 4? NAB 288

ERA, 1973, New Orleans

ERA United, 1974, Fall

ERA January 1975

ERA United Newsletter, 1975

Catholics Act for ERA, 1975-1980

ERA 1975 Clippings/ Letters

ERA 1976 Resource Materials

"Shackly Speaks" original, May 1976

Men for ERA 1976

Alan Alda visit 1976

ERA Clippings 1976

ERA Monitors 1976

ERA 1976

Women's Magazines 1976

ERA 1977

ERA Clippings 1977

ERA Notes and Clippings 1978

E. Chittick's trip 1979

ERA Valerie Harper, 1979

ERA United 1979

ERA Supporting Groups, 1976-1979

ERA National Woman's Party Newsletters, 1979-1980

ERA White House Party, 1980

ERA Clippings, 1980 (2 folders)

ERA Clippings, 1981

ERA Clippings, Summer 1982

ERA Labor Day Rally, 1982

Louisiana ERA Funeral Day, 1982

New Day

ERA Action for Equality

ERA Project Book from Anita Miller

At Ease With ERA

ERA and NOW — Slides

ERA Brochures

ERA Bulletin and Journals

"Equal Rights for Men and Women: Hearings Before Subcommittee No. 4 of the Committee on the Judiciary House of Representatives, 1971," and "Drake Law Review," vol. 24, no. 2 , Winter 1975

  1. 1 book: The Spirit of Houston: The First National Women's Conference (an official report to the President, the Congress and the People of the U.S. U.S. Government Printing Office: March 1978, 308 pp. Illus. (front cover white with picture of three women holding torch, back cover photo of conference delegates)
  2. 2 copies of book: IWY: 1977 Louisiana Women's Conference. 100 pp. (with picture of International Women's Year on cover)
  3. newsletter: Louisiana Women's Political Caucus Newsletter. June 1979, 11 pp. newsletter: Louisiana Women's Political Caucus Newsletter. July/August 1979, 19 pp
  4. 1 report: Cost, Deborah. Louisiana Women. Louisiana Bureau for Women: Sep. 1977, 103 pp. (spiral bound with brown cover)
  5. magazine: Equal Rights. Vol. XII, no. 11, May 1 1926.

Vol. XII, no 12, May 8 1926.

Vol. XVI, no. 9, April 5, 1930.

Vol. XIV, no. 15, May 19, 1928

Vol. XV, no 16, May 25, 1929.

Vol. XIV, no. 19, June 16, 1928.

Vol. XIV, no. 13, May 5, 1928.

Vol. XIV, no. 20, June 23, 1928.

Vol. XV, no. 13, May 4, 1929.

Vol. XV, no. 7, March 23, 1929.

Vol. XIV, no. 26, August 4, 1928.

Vol. XIV, no. 25, July 28, 1928.

Vol. XVI, no.7, March 22 1930.

Vol. XIV, no. 24, July 21, 1928.

Vol. XV, no. 14, May 11, 1929.

Vol. XV, no. 22, July 6, 1929.

Vol. XV, no. 23, July 13, 1929.

Vol. XV, no. 24, July 20, 1929.

Vol. XV, no. 27, August 10, 1929.

Vol. XVI, no. 34, August 30, 1930.

Vol. XVI, no 37, September 20, 1930.

Vol. XVI, no. 10, April 12, 1930.


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