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Joan Durland Benjamin Collection


Size: 3.5 cubic feet
Accession number: 07-056
Location: NCCROW, Newcomb Archives



Donation by Joan Durland Benjamin



Elizabeth Derrick and Allison Nipert
Last updated: October 2009



Materials have been arranged in 5 boxes and 1 carton as follows: each box has 1 scrapbook, and carton 1 contains 2 small boxes, 2 large envelopes, and some loose contents.



Contents are very fragile.



Collection contains keepsakes from two Newcomb College and Kappa Kappa Gamma alumnae: Betty and Joan Durland from New Orleans. The contents range in date from the approximate years of 1934 to 1944, including some of their years at Newcomb and previous places of schooling. Betty Durland graduated from Newcomb College in 1944 with Bachelor of Arts degree; Joan Durland graduated from Newcomb College in 1946 with a degree in Psychology.



BOX 1:   Scrapbook           

    • Cover: Scrapbook for Leaf and Flower Specimen
    • Title Page: A collection of leaves from North Carolina / September 1934 / Memory Book of Betty and Joan Durlan
    • Contents:
      • Leaf specimens taped to pages             
      • Letters and cards                
      • School related papers                
      • Newspaper clippings                
      • Programs                
      • Pictures                
      • School ca
      • Envelope contains Joan Durland's hair, small trinkets

BOX 2:     Scrapbook

    • Cover: Leather
    • Title Page: Memory Book of Joan Durland / Her Junior and Senior Year at Louise S. McGehee School 1940-41, 1941-42
    • Contents:
      • Programs  
      • Letter, cards, and invitations                
      • Newspaper clippings                
      • School related papers                
      • Tulane University fraternity party-related papers                
      • Corsages, ribbons pinned to pages                
      • Crafts                
      • Newcomb (and other) College acceptance letters                
      • Loose contents in back of scrapbook include pictures, letters, programs, etc.                
      • Envelope contains: Joan Durland's hair

BOX 3:   Scrapbook

    • Cover: Leather, titled "Scrapbook"
    • Title Page: Joan Durland / Freshman year at Newcomb / 1942-43
    • Contents:
      • Tulane commencement papers                
      • Rush information
      • Rush invitations from Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, and Pi Beta Phi                
      • Assorted Kappa Kappa Gamma (Joan and Betty's sorority) related items                
      • Newcomb-related papers                
      • Letters and cards                
      • Pictures: individual and Kappa Kappa Gamma class pictures                
      • Newspaper clippings                
      • Loose contents in back of scrapbook: pictures of 3 Army men                
      • Envelope contains: Joan Durland's hair

BOX 4:   Scrapbook

    • Cover: Leather, patriotic-theme
    • Title Page: 1943-44 Sophomore                  
    • Loose contents: Tulane handbook
    • Contents
      • Travel keepsakes
      • Rush information                
      • Newspaper clippings                
      • Programs                
      • Newcomb related papers               
      • Dance keepsakes              
      • Letters                
      • Friends' wedding keepsakes and engagement/wedding announcements from newspapers

BOX 5:  Scrapbook

    • Cover: Magazine picture of Shirley Temple
    • Contents: Magazine/newspaper pictures of Shirley Temple                
    • Loose contents inside scrapbook pages: magazine pictures of Deanna Durbin and Myrna Loy


  • Small Box 1 contains corsages
  • Small Box 2 contains trinkets
  • Yellow Manila Envelope contains sailor hat, trinkets, letters, programs, camp-related items
  • White Manila Envelope contains school papers
  • Loose items in the carton include letters, binders, school papers, school booklets, Girl Scout Diary

Newcomb College Center for Research on Women @ Tulane University New Orleans, LA 70118  504-865-5238