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Elizabeth Isabel Lansing Collection

Elizabeth Isabel Lansing
Ca. 1950's-1990's

Size: 2 inches
Accession Number: 95-004 NAB 058

Donation by Elizabeth Lansing

Missing/Incomplete: Letter from October 16, 1992

This series, consisting mainly of correspondence, was organized and arranged by Ms. Lansing herself. Arranged according to decade, all material has been refoldered and some metal fasteners have been removed. Original order has been preserved.

Ms. Lansing has included a table of contents of her correspondence.

Elizabeth Lansing, raised and educated in New Orleans, graduated from Newcomb in 1934 with a B.A., majoring in Greek and minoring in Philosophy. Eventually, she proceeded her graduated studies in Mills College, California and Duke University, North Carolina. While raising a family, she worked at the Health Department of Duke University and UNC in the 50s and later on at both institution's libraries until 1985 when she "retired". Ms. Lansing has been a strong advocate for women's issues, particularly abortion rights, health care, and education. Currently, she lives in North Carolina.

This collection spans from the early 50s to the mid 90s. Most of the material consists of correspondence from Ms. Lansing addressed to personal friends and acquaintances. Ms. Lansing has dedicated a significant amount of time to abortion groups and often she combines in her correspondence personal news with literature from these activities. Included are also notes from her Newcomb class reunion in 1984 for their 50th anniversary and from her trips to the U.S.S.R. and Greece. As Ms. Lansing indicates in one of her letters, she has been "realistically concerned for public, egalitarian education, health care, and civil liberties."

Little Alphabet

Box 1 of 2

Herndon, Marcia
1 folder

Johnson, Mannie
1 folder

Paine, Ella
1 folder

Box 2 of 2

Ramage, Sarah Thorpe
1 folder

Richardson, Caroline
1 folder

Smith, Constance
4 folders

Welborne, Dorothy
1 folder

Marcia Herndon

Collection found in Little Alphabet boxes
1 folder

Book: Herndon, Marcia and Norma McLeod. Music as Culture. Pt. Richmond,
CA: MRI Press, 1990.
2 journals: Ethnomusicology. Volume XV, Number 3 (September 1971).
Ethnomusicology. Volume 18, Number 2. Pages 219-262. "Analysis:
The Hording of Sacred Cows?"

Mannie Hatton White Johnson

Collection found in Little Alphabet boxes
1 folder

Mannie's Memoirs: written in 1974

Ella Paine
Newcomb Class of 1913

Collection found in Little Alphabet boxes
1 folder

various photos of her time at Newcomb
1913 class photo
correspondence and memorabilia regarding 1913 class reunions, etc.

Sarah Thorpe Ramage
Newcomb Class of 1928

Collection found in Little Alphabet boxes
1 folder

various photos and negatives
Newcomb memorabilia: Mayday program, Commencement program, etc.

Caroline Francis Richardson

Collection found in Little Alphabet boxes
1 folder

copies of articles authored by Caroline Richardson:
The Penny Magazine. September 1900.
The Bookman. "How to Get the Classics Read," April 1910.
The Tulane Graduate's Magazine. "The Best Selling Hero of Day Before Yesterday," July 1911.
The Yale Review. "The Sixth Reader," July 1913.
The South Atlantic Quaterly. Review of The Spirit of American Literature by John Macy, July 1913.
The Sewanee Review. "The Use of Prophecy in the Irish Tales of the Heroic Cycle," October 1913.
The Newcomb Arcade. "Address to Students on Opening Day," November 1913.
The Sewanee Review. "Go to the Aunt," April 1914.
The Bookman. "O. Henry and New Orleans," May 1914.
The Newcomb Arcade. "Alumni Address," June 1916.
The Unpopular Review. "On Being a Hermit," April/June 1917.
The Sewanee Review. "To Monsieur de Bienville, Debtor," April-June 1918.
The Unpopular Review. "En Casserole," July-September 1918.
The Newcomb Arcade. "Of College Interest," February 1919.
The Newcomb Arcade. "Of College Interest," Address, November 1919.
The Bookman. "The Progress of the Ogre," March 1920.
Scribner's. "The Point of View," May 1923.
The Yale Review. "Among the New Brooks," January 1922.
Scribner's. "The Point of View," May 1923.
The Yale Review. "Story Animals," January 1924.
The Strange?? Magazine. "Animals in Fiction," October 1925.
The Homiletic Review. "The Heyday of the Sermon," March 1930.

The Newcomb Arcade. "In Memoriam – Caroline Francis Richardson, Faculty and Friend," May 1932.

Constance Smith

Collection found in Little Alphabet boxes
4 folders

File Folder 1
Various pictures
1 slide
1 negative
copy of section of will

File Folder 2
Address book
Ireland 1985 Yearbook and Appointment book
2 "Irish Crafts" information sheets

File Folder 3

File Folder 4
Louise S. McGhee School Publications

Dorothy Helm Welborne

Collection found in Little Alphabet boxes
1 folder

contains autobiography Sentinel Journey: or You'll Never Believe What Thomas Jefferson and Elvis Did to Me!

Newcomb College Center for Research on Women @ Tulane University New Orleans, LA 70118  504-865-5238