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Darlene Olivo Collection

Location: NCCROW

Source of Acquisition: Donation by Darlene Olivo


Processor: Mo Ki Macias, Newcomb College 2004

Last Updated: spring 2001

Organization and Arrangement: Materials have been arranged in one box containing seventeen (17) folders with low acidic bases. Materials have been arranged in the same order as received; the materials are primarily personal journals, dated and compiled by Darlene Olivo. The journals, letters, and miscellaneous documents are not in chronological order, and need to be updated when processing of the entire collection is complete. The documents have been flattened, and all metal fastenings removed. If any were in poor condition, they were photocopied on non-acidic archival paper. The photographs and artwork were placed in mylar, and included in the original order.

Biographical Note:


Scope and Content:

This collection consists of personal journals, personal letters, newspaper clippings, pamphlets and miscellaneous documents .

Folder 1 of Box 1

Journal 1995

Newspaper clipping: obituary of Mary Constance Desoby

Newspaper clipping: obituary of Kenneth R. Wesson

Journal entry 2/17/1995

Journal entry 4/12/1995 - 4/16/1995

Journal entry 6/26/1995

Journal entry 3/9/1995

Journal 4/13/1995 - 10/21/1995

Photocopy : "Guidelines to enhance your healing experience"

Journal 10/21/1995 - 10/26/1995

Photocopy of newspaper clippings: obituary of Joseph J. Fillipone; obituary of Elsie Hingle Gause

Photocopies of notes

Card in memory of Joseph J. Fillipone

Photocopies of notes


Photocopies of notes


NO/AIDS task force information sheet

Newspaper clipping: Iron John, Men's Movement, (unknown date/source)

Photocopies of miscellaneous notes


Notes from 8/02/1996

Advertisement for 4506 S. Derbigny St.

Journal 01/01/1995 - 03/17/1995

Invitation to the celebration of the opening of the Martin La Borde Gallery, 05/30/1995

Original Folder, titled "Home Sweet Home"

Journal 1994

Journal 01/04/1994 - 01/28/1994

‘In Loving Memory,’ Norman J. Berteaux. Jr., died 02/06/1994

Journal 02/07/1994 - 03/15/1994

Gallery Program: ‘Art in Bloom,’ March 16 - 20 , 1994

Journal 03/16/1994 - 03/26/1994

Photograph of painting of washerwoman

Krewe de Vieux newsletter- ‘Le Monde de Merde,’ 01/29/1994

Parade and Ball guidelines for the Krewe of Mama Roux, 01/29/1994

Letter to Olivo, from director of New Orleans Museum of Art

Journal 03/20/1994

Letter to "Frank and Gathered Friends," 06/04/1994

Letter to housesitter, 06/02/1994

Second draft letter

Letter from housesitter, 06/08/1994

Dedication Dinner menu at the Pavilion of the Two Sisters, 06/16/1994

Information sheet on problems handled through hypnosis

Journal 06/22/1994

Folder 2 of 1994 journal


Journal 08/01/1994 - 09/12/1994

Pastels on black paper (2)

Journal 09/13/1994

Newspaper clipping, Times-Picayune, 09/13/1994: "Bookseller George Herget dies of blood poisoning"

Journal 09/14/1994 - 09/17/1994

Program in remembrance of Ted Bohke (?)

Journal 09/20/1994 - 09/30/1994


Folder 3 of 1994 journal


Journal 10/01/1994 - 10/03/1994

A memorial celebration for George Herget, 09/ 28/1994

Journal 10/04/1994

Letter to Jim 10/05/1994

Letter from Joel Simpson 10/03/1994

Another copy of letter to Jim

Journal 10/04/1994 - 10/17/1994

Handwritten list (pencil)

Journal 10/18/1994 - 10/25/1994

Letter to Olivo from the Northstar Theatre, 10/17/1994

Journal 11/03/1994 - 11/25/1994

Letter to Carol Wolfram. Community news editor (for Times-Picayune?), 11/25/1994

(Flyer/invitation) for Documentary film screening: New Orleans that Was, WYES channel 12,11/30/1994 (Olivo in it)

Journal ----- - 12/17/1994

Living Section of Times-Picayune, 12/18/1994

Journal----- - 12/27/1994

Newspaper clipping: Horoscope

Journal ----- - 12/31/1994

Krewe de Vieux newsletter: ‘Le Monde de Merde’, 1994

Krewe de Vieux parade line -up route, 1994

Rejection from Hodder Fellowship

Newspaper clipping re Wanda West

Newspaper clipping: horoscope for 07/04/1994

Phone number on Windsor Court Hotel stationary

Newspaper clipping: obituary of Norman Joseph Shepard, died 02/08/1994

Newspaper clipping of a 1943 picture reprint

Invitation to party for Jeanne Marie Booth, 09/30/1994

Newspaper clipping of Times-Picayune Living page, photos by Olivo, 11/24/1994

Newspaper clipping (?)

Darlene Olivo business card, numbers on back

Newspaper clipping: ‘The Art of Arguing Can Fuel a Relationship’12/25/1994

Journal 1990 - 1991

Journal 12/28/1990 - 12/31/1991

Journal 1993 (black cover, no binding)

Journal 01/03/993 - 4/10/1993

Letter to Goddard Group 04/09/1993

Journal 04/../1993 - 04/22/1993

Letter to Xavier University Department of English Chair, Dr. Michelle Levy, 04/22/1993

Letter to Southern Louisiana University Department of English Chair, Dr. Sue Parill, 04/27/1993

Journal 04/.../1993 - 06/26/1993

Letter to Barbara Kingsolver, 06/26/1993

Journal 06/27/1993 - 07/01/1993

Newspaper clipping: Horoscope, 07/03/1993

Journal 07/04/1993 - ...(see top of page)

Journal 1991 - Black Archival sketch book

Handwritten notes on back of shooting schedule

Notes in brown pen

Donation envelope from Festival of Choirs

Notes on Shame

Notes on Olivo's grandmother

Whitney Bank deposit slip, miscellany. Notes

Newspaper clipping: obituaries 10/30/1991

Newspaper clipping: ‘Umbrella Art,’ Christo, 10/10/1991

Photograph, outdoor shed, 04/1991

Clipping from the New Yorker, Talk of the Town section

Note to Olivo, 08/29/1991

Flier for CD

Journal 07/11/191 - 01/03/1992

*Second half of book is empty, back page contains fish records, and a suggested reading list

Black Archival Sketch Book #2, 1993 - 1996

Poem by Friedrich Holderlein

Al-Anon brochure

Quote from Thomas Moore

Birthday invitation, 11/25/1995

Letter to Olivo from Ilene Alexander

Al-Anon brochure

Flyer (?) for Laryinth at Grace Cathedral

Newspaper clipping: Column by Sheila Stroup

Newspaper clipping: Column by Shelia Stroup


Krewe de Vieux newsletter: ‘Le Monde de Merde’, 02/03/1996

Miscellaneous Quotes

Copy of Nelson Mandela inaugural speech


Newspaper clipping 08/19/1996

Box also contains:

Notepad - Class/therapy notes 1996

Green composition book

Small notepad

Composition book for English class notes

Composition book, 1993

*two other items in original box (left in original box), "Art Roster"(1982) and "Ironia"(1989)

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