The Food Group

The Food Group at Newcomb Center for Research on Women is group of culinary experts and researchers that has evolved from the work of the New Orleans Culinary History Group to embrace the study of global food systems and food security. Founded by NCCROW Curator of Books and Records  Susan Tucker, the Food Group in 2009-10 has included NCCROW Interim Executive Director Nancy Mock, NCCROW Visiting Scholars Kevin McCaffrey and Claire Menck, and Collat Media Intern Faine Greenwood, N-T 2010. In collaboration with partners including the Payson Center for International Development at Tulane, the Southern Food and Beverage Museum, and the Edible Schoolyard, members of the Food Group have contributed a wealth of media, information, and research on food issues pertaining both to New Orleans and Louisiana, and to the culinary world in general. 


Member Profiles

Susan Tucker

Nancy Mock

Kevin McCaffrey

Claire Menck 

Faine Greenwood

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