Faine Greenwood

Graduate 2010

Topic: Food And New Media


Faine Greenwood is a Tulane university graduate and an avid food blogger, new media geek, and travel writer. She maintains her personal food blog at Teenage Chowhound. In the summer of 2009, Faine recieved a Newcomb Grant to provide new media coverage of the Summer Institute on Gender, Globalization, and Food in Bolsena, Italy, which is blogged extensively at Mangia! NCCROW 2009. Her personal summer travel blog is located here at Faine Devours Europe.

Faine will be working in Phnom Penh, Cambodia as an editor at the Cambodia Daily as of November 2010 and will be traveling (and blogging) throughout Australia and Asia until then. In her free time, Faine enjoys eating bizarre Asian food, devouring raw oysters (and other sea creatures), scouring New Orleans for good music, drawing weird comic books,  and reading excessive amounts of esoteric East Asian and Indian history. Not surprisingly, she rather likes cooking.

Her resume/CV may be downloaded here.


Faine has produced a variety of multimedia content, blog posts, and other work for the Sophielab during her tenure there as New Media Intern Par Excellence. 

She has blogged extensively at Sophie.Tulane.Edu, the Lab's blog.

Edited and recorded Thomas Beller's live interview with Amy Hempel for the 2010 Zale Kimmerling Writer Program

..And she also transcribed it.


Newcomb College Center for Research on Women @ Tulane University New Orleans, LA 70118  504-865-5238