Review of Self-Study Report

Upon the completion of the Self-Study Report, the NCAA’s Peer Review Team reviews the information provided. They look for completeness of responses, the presence or absence of support for statements made in the report, the appropriateness of the responses to the questions asked and the presence of violations acknowledged in the report.


The Site Visit

Thereafter, an on-site evaluation visit is scheduled. The NCAA’s Peer Review Team and others as appropriate visit the campus of the institution to review with the Steering Committee and staff the institutional self-study report.


Letter of Confirmation and Institutional Reply

Shortly after the site visit concludes, the NCAA’s Peer Review Team will prepare and submit to the institution a letter of confirmation. This letter summarizes the areas needing attention or revision in the self-study report. The letter also makes recommendations for institutional improvement. Upon receipt of the letter of confirmation, the institution is given the opportunity to file a reply. This reply is then reviewed by the NCAA’s Peer Review Team and, together with the other available information, forms the basis for the certification finding.

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