Certification Decision

The Committee on Athletics Certification will render its decision based upon materials provided by the institution and the peer review team; an in-person appearance by institutional representatives may be requested by the committee. The committee is obligated to choose from among three options in determining each institution's certification status.

  • Certified: Operating in substantial conformity with the operating principles.
  • Certified with conditions: Operating in substantial conformity with operating principles; problems identified were considered serious enough to cause full certification to be withheld until those problems have been corrected.
  • Not certified: Operating not in substantial conformity with the operating principles; problems identified were considered to be very serious or pervasive, and action must be taken by the institution before it can even be conditionally certified.

An institution "not certified" can be placed in a restricted membership category (ineligible for NCAA championships) for up to a year for failure to correct problems during a specified time period; and, if problems continue to remain unresolved, the committee may reclassify an institution as a corresponding member (no longer an active member of the NCAA).

Participation in this program is separate from the NCAA’s enforcement process; determination of a "certified" status is not an indication that an institution is "infractions free" or exempt from the occurrence of violations of NCAA rules and regulations.

The identification and acknowledgement of problems during the process should not be viewed as a signal of an "unhealthy" program but, rather, as an indication that the institution is committed to the self-study process and to its own improvement.

Once an institution is notified of the certification decision, the committee will announce its decision publicly through a standard press release.

NCAA Certification for Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118