We are excited to announce the new summer opportunities sponsored by the School of Liberal Arts.  Each program provides our students with unmatched educational and career possibilities.

** You must register for SLA summer programs by contacting the program directors, provided via the More Information links below.  You will not be able to register for these programs using Gibson-Online.**

Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry (Summer 2014)

A five-week summer program learning about the contemporary film industry along with a first-hand Hollywood film experience.  The program begins with two weeks of class at Tulane, then a week in Los Angeles before returning to Tulane for the final two-week course. Students will receive six credits.

  • Pre-req: Basic understanding of film history, film analysis and/or basic competencies in digital production
  • Application Deadline: February 14, 2014
  • More Information


Summer Minor Program in U.S. Public Policy (Summer 2014)

A ten-week summer program (3 sessions) will give students a foundation for graduate school in public policy or a career in government and politics at the local, state or national level. Students will complete relevant coursework and participate in service learning that together will provide them with tools in the analysis of policy, knowledge in substantive policy areas, and experience in local government. Students completing the minor will fulfill Tulane’s Tier-2 service learning graduation requirement.

  • Pre-req: No
  • Application Deadline: NA; registration is on a first come basis but declaration forms are required
  • More Information


Language Revitalization: the case of Tunica, Louisiana's sleeping language (Summer 2014)

This two-week course addresses the processes of language death, as well as methods and initiatives for language revitalization. Students will learn effective second language teaching methods and elementary Tunica. They will then apply what they have learned, serving as teaching assistants during the tribe's Language Summer Camp. The Tunica tribe will host the course in Marksville for the week of the Summer Camp.

  • Pre-req: No
  • Application Deadline: NA; registration is on a first come basis
  • More Information



Mandel-Palagye Program for Middle East Peace (Summer 2015)

A six-week summer program giving fifteen Tulane students an immersion in the dynamics of the Arab-Israeli conflict through classroom study and hands-on experience in Israel (pre-req required).

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