Mandel-Palagye Program for Middle East Peace (Summer 2015)


A five-week summer program giving fifteen Tulane students an immersion in the dynamics of the Arab-Israeli conflict through classroom study and hands-on experience in Israel. In addition, the Program will sponsor a series of public lectures on the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Tulane students will take two intensive classes and attend public lectures and films on the Tulane’s campus beginning in May 2015. Students will then travel to Israel for the last three weeks of the program, where they will participate in a series of workshops, field trips, and other activities. For the 15 selected students, a generous donation allows us to cover virtually all expenses including tuition, housing, some meals, and round-trip airfare between New Orleans and Israel.

Course Requirements

Required classes will include: Israeli and Palestinian society and culture and Israeli and Palestinian political history. Students will receive room and board on campus and will earn six credit hours (three in Jewish Studies and three in History) for passing these classes and completing the trip to Israel.

While in Israel students will live in dormitories at Hebrew University. The Harry S. Truman Research Institute for the Advancement of Peace will host the group at Hebrew University and provide lectures, guest speakers, and field trips. Tulane faculty members Brian Horowitz and Yehuda Halper will accompany students on all official functions.

The Program is open only to Tulane undergraduates who (i) have taken JWST 3220 (Arab-Israeli Conflict) or an equivalent course by May 2015; (ii) are enrolled full time in the Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 semesters; and (iii) will be enrolled full time as undergraduates at Tulane in the Fall 2015 semester.


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