Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry (Summer 2015)

Spend the first part of your summer in New Orleans studying and experiencing first hand how the film industry works.

  • Learn what film historians and industry leaders have to say about contemporary film production, distribution, exhibition, and reception. 
  • Learn to make connections between a critical approach to analyzing the film industry and the practicalities associated with making films now. 
  • Analyze films that represent the Hollywood industry in order to understand how images of Hollywood circulate more broadly in the culture  
  • Spend a week in Hollywood meeting with studio heads, writers, producers, actors, agents and touring film studios and production facilities 
  • Make connections with faculty and industry mentors who can help you launch your career.

Dates: May 19 – June 20, 2014 including June 1 – 7 Hollywood trip

Credit hours: 6 hours at the 4000-level (will count as electives in DMPR, FMST, COMM, or THEA) Students must register for all 6 hours.

Cost: $6,000

Includes a great academic experience, airfare (New Orleans – LA – New Orleans), housing, breakfasts, and dinners at USC, and transportation to studios and production facilities. (Tulane dorms and Reilly summer memberships for the New Orleans portion of the program are available but will be billed separately.)

Who Might Apply: Students interested in film production, film history, and/or film analysis; students interested in a career in the industry or graduate school in film studies, communication, creative writing/English or related fields, students who plan to go on to professional schools such as law or business specializing in the area of entertainment.

To Apply: We are looking for students who have a basic understanding of film history, film analysis and/or basic competencies in digital production. You may have taken specific courses or you may have had other types of qualifying experiences. Write a short essay, no more than 250 words, describing 1) your qualifications for this program, including a list of courses taken in production and/or film studies (if applicable); and 2) the goals you would like to achieve in this program.

Attach your essay as a Word document or PDF to an email to Dr. Mary Blue  and Dr. Constance Balides.


If you have questions, contact either Dr. Mary Blue  or Dr. Constance Balide.

Applications due: February 14, 2014

* This program will only be offered during the summer.

Tulane University, School of Liberal Arts, 102 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA  70118, (504) 865-5225,