Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry (Summer 2016)

Spend the first part of your summer in New Orleans studying and experiencing first hand how the film industry works.

  • Learn what film historians and industry leaders have to say about contemporary film production, distribution, exhibition, and reception.
  • Learn to make connections between a critical approach to analyzing the film industry and the practicalities associated with filmmaking.
  • Analyze films that represent the Hollywood industry in order to understand how images of Hollywood circulate more broadly in the culture
  • Spend 10 days in Hollywood meeting with studio heads, writers, producers, actors, agents and touring film studios and production facilities
  • Compare Hollywood filmmaking to runaway productions in New Orleans
  • Make connections with faculty and industry mentors who can help you launch your career.


Dates: May 31-June 30, 2016 including June 15-June 25 Hollywood trip.

Credit hours: 6 hours, Students must register for all 6 hours.

DMPR 4070: Contemporary Film as Art and Industry, Dr. Blue

DMPR 3920: Hollywood/New Orleans: A Comparison, Dr. Blue

Cost: $6,500
Includes a great academic experience, airfare (New Orleans – LA – New Orleans), housing, breakfasts and lunches at USC, and transportation to studios and production facilities. (Tulane on-campus housing is available but will be billed separately)

Who Might Apply: Students interested in film production, film history, and/or film analysis; students interested in a career in the industry or graduate school in film studies, communication, creative writing/English or related fields, students who plan to go on to professional schools such as law or business specializing in the area of entertainment.

Application information: Please complete application on the Study Abroad website here.


Contacts: Tinese Connell, Administrative Program Coordinator

* This program will only be offered during the summer.

Tulane University, School of Liberal Arts, 102 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA  70118, (504) 865-5225,