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Spring 2014 Classes 

For Information on courses offerings for both Spanish and Portuguese please consult theTulane Registrar.





SPAN 3130 - Introduction to Latin American Culture - Introduction to the cultural diversity of Latin America through the study of contemporary literary, social, political, and popular culture trends as observed by selected literary figures, intellectuals, and artists.

SPAN 3150
- Introduction to Latino Studies - An introduction to the cultures of Latino and Hispanic communities in the United States and the Caribbean from the early 20th century to the present, with special emphasis on the contemporary period. Critical analysis of written texts, visual arts, and cinema will guide the investigation of past and current polemics of Latino history, social movements, and cultural heterogeneity.


SPAN 3210 -  Jewish Latin American Cultural Expressions - An introduction to the cultural expressions of Jewish communities throughout Latin America, from the mid-19th century to the present, with special emphasis on the late-20th century and the contemporary period. Critical analysis of written texts (essays, short stories, a novel, poetry), visual arts, and cinema, together with secondary readings, will provide a vivid picture of the heterogeneous, vibrant, complex cultural production by self-inscribed Jewish Latin Americans.


SPAN 3240 - Intro to Spanish Culture - This course is a survey of the history and culture of Spain from ancient times to the present. Class work will include readings, lectures, discussion, presentation of art, music, and films.


SPAN 3280 - Film and Visual Cult Span - Through a series of film viewings, readings, and access to other visual media from Latin America and Spain, students receive instruction in how to discuss and analyze visual culture in Spanish. Vocabulary building and strategies for enhanced viewing and reading comprehension are stressed. Significant emphasis on the continued development of linguistic skills.


SPAN 3290 - Business and Legal Spanish - This course is designed for students who seek to develop proficiency in oral and written Spanish while acquiring essential legal and commercial terminology commonly used in the fields of law and business in the Hispanic world. Readings of cultural texts and case studies of various types (essays, magazine articles, advertisements, and other materials for Spanish-speaking law and business professionals) will guide our study of a wide range of topics, including: finance, real estate, human resources, office culture, and commerce in the global economy

SPAN 3300 - Spanish for the Health Sciences -This course introduces students to Spanish for the health sciences. Spanish major and minors interested in the health professions are encouraged to enroll, along with pre-medical and public health majors and minors.



SPAN 4060 - Pre 20th Centrury Readings in Spanish - An introduction to the literature and critical issues of early Hispanic cultures until “modernismo”. Students acquire fundamental skills in literary and critical analysis, as well as a basic understanding of key cultural topics, such as medieval “convivencia”, the social order in early modern Spain, indigenous concerns in colonial Latin America, and the formation of national literatures in 19th century Latin America.


SPAN 4120 - Social Problems in Spanish American Literature - The chief problems of Latin American society as reflected in poetry, short fiction, essay, and theatre. Representative works concerning the Mexican revolution; the social status of women, Indians and blacks; the life of urban and rural working classes; tyranny and political repression. Offered: Fall Semester.


SPAN 4130 - Topics in Spanish American Literature - Readings in Spanish American stories, essays, and poems, focusing on a topic of historical and cultural importance. Some themes: women in Spanish American literature, regionalism and indigenismo, Afro-Latin American writing, testimonio. The precise topic varies from year to year.


SPAN 4170 - Spanish Film - The development of the cinema in Spain from its origins to the present. Contextual topics such as the effects of civil war and censorship are discussed. Emphasis on a theoretical approach to the medium, with close analysis of individual films by directors such as Buñuel, Saura, Erice, and Almodóvar, among others.


SPAN 4180 - Mexican Cultural Studies - Introduction to multiple aspects of Mexican culture from independence to the present. Students study a variety of forms of cultural production, ranging from literature, film, music, and art, to its cooking and comics to form as complete as possible a vision of Mexico’s complex and multifaceted culture. Students examine mainstream notions of national identity, while at the same time interrogating them by considering questions of gender, race, class, sexuality, and region4350 - Topics in Spanish Literature and Culture - A topics course on the literature and culture of Spain. Possible themes include science and literature, construction of gender and sexuality, revolution and repression, honor and violence, popular culture, satire, and metanarrative.


SPAN 4270 - Iberoamerican Dialectology - Survey of the varieties of Spanish spoken in Spain, Latin America, and the United States. We look at variation in pronunciation and grammatical usage, such as the tu/usted/vos, as well as variation by age, gender, and social class.


SPAN 4350 - Topics in Spanish Literature and Culture - A topics course on the literature and culture of Spain. Possible themes include science and literature, construction of gender and sexuality, revolution and repression, honor and violence, popular culture, satire, and metanarrative

SPAN 4351 - Topics in Spanish Literature and Culture - A topics course on the literature and culture of Spain. Possible themes include science and literature, construction of gender and sexuality, revolution and repression, honor and violence, popular culture, satire, and metanarrative


SPAN 4510 - Hispanic Cities -MEXICO CITY  - This class explores the history, artistic production, literature, and cultural issues related to a Hispanic city, such as Buenos Aires, Madrid, Mexico City, or Seville. In an effort to investigate the city in a broad national and international context, the course connects an urban area to important events and sites in Latin American and Spain. Taught in rotation by different faculty in the department, the focus on a particular city changes with the professor. 

SPAN 6010 - Methods of Teaching Spanish and Portuguese - A general survey of applied linguistics, teaching and testing methodology, and language laboratory use.

SPAN 6250 - Latin American Cultural Studies


SPAN 6410 - Don Quijote - This course satisfies the pre-twentieth-century requirement. Discussions of Don Quijote in its entirety in the context of the intellectual and cultural tendencies of the Siglo de Oro and modern critical approaches


SPAN 6530 - Literature of the Andean Countries - Representative works from Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela, with special emphasis on the twentieth-century. Study of such authors as the Inca Garcilaso, Guaman Poma, Isaacs, Matto de Turner, González Prada, Mariátegui, Arguedas, Vallejo, Gallegos, Vargas Llosa, García Márquez, Teresa de la Parra.

SPAN 6780 - Latin American Cultural Studies - The course is an intensive survey of Latin American cultural studies. Topics to be studied include: interactions among popular, erudite, and mass cultures; debates on modernity and postmodernity; relations between alphabetic and non-alphabetic writing systems in colonial and post colonial contexts; emergence and development of Latin American concepts such as mestizaje, hybridity, transculturation, heterogeneity; relations between culture and the state; issues of class, race, and gender in the study of Latin American culture. Theorists to be studies include Néstor García Canclini, José Martín Barbero, Beatriz Sarlo, Nelly Richard, Roberto Schwarz, Silviano Santiago.



SPAN 6850 - Senior Seminar (Capstone) - This course is a seminar on major authors of the Hispanic literary tradition from both Spain and Latin America. This course fulfills the Writing Intensive Requirement. Note: Open only to graduating seniors. Satisfies: Capstone requirement for majors.


SPAN 7920 Recent Spanish American Literature



SPAN 7960 Special Topics


PORT 3040 - Composition and Grammar


PORT 3280 - Advanced Portuguese through Brazilian Film

PORT 4130 -Topics in Brazilian Literature and Culture


Tulane University, Spanish & Portuguese Dept., 304 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5518