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Regular Faculty

Dr. Michele Adams 

Michele Adams, Chair

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of California, Riverside)

204 Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Family, Gender, and Culture, Gender Arrangements in Families, Cultural "Family Values" Wars, Relationship Formation, Marriage and Divorce, Parental Alienation Syndrome and Family Promotion Movements.

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 Bankston in Jackson Square Spring 09 

Carl L. Bankston III

Professor (Ph.D. Louisiana State University)

217B Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Immigration, Race/Ethnicity, Education, Asian Studies.

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 Dr. Xiaojin Chen

Xiaojin Chen

Associate Professor (Ph.D. Iowa State University)

220H Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Migration and Children's development in China, Life Course Criminology/Victimology, Mental Health among High-in-risk Populations, Application of Quantitative Research Methods.

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 Dr. Joel A. Devine

Joel A. Devine

Professor (Ph.D. Indiana University)
Director, Urban Studies

216 Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Urbanization, Urban Policy & Development, Sociology of Film, Political Economy.

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Kevin Fox Gotham

Professor (Ph.D. University of Kansas)
Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (School of Liberal Arts)

215 Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Social Theory, Urban Sociology, Historical Sociology, Economic Sociology, Sociology of Culture, Political Sociology, and Sociology of Law and Public Policy.  

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Katherine Johnson

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University)

220E Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Sociology of Reproduction; Sociology of Health, Illness, and Healthcare; Family Sociology; Sociology of Gender, Feminist Theory 

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kato 2014 

Yuki Kato

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of California, Irvine)

220I Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Urban/Suburban Sociology, Urban Agriculture, Urban Vacancy, Social Stratification, Qualitative Methodologies, Sociology of Adolescence and Youths, Sociology of Culture.

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Dr. Laura McKinney 


Laura McKinney

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. North Carolina State University)

220D Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Environmental Sociology; Global Social Change and Development; Global and Local Sustainability; Rural and Community Development; Quantitative Methodologies.

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 Dr. David G. Ortiz

David G. Ortiz

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of Notre Dame)

220B Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Social Movements, Collective Violence, State Repression,
Time-diffusion of Social Processes, Political sociology, Latin America, Quantitative Research Methodologies.

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Dr. Stephen Ostertag


Stephen Ostertag

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of Connecticut)

220F Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Cultural Sociology, Media Sociology, Cognition, Crime and Incarceration, Social Control.

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Patrick Rafail

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. Pennsylvania State University)

220C Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Social Movements and Collective Behavior, Applied Statistics, Political Sociology, Social Control, Complex Organizations, Urban Policing, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing

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Mimi Schippers

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Wisconsin-Madison)

206 Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Sexuality, Gender, Social Theory, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Culture.

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David A. Smilde

Charles A. and Leo M. Favrot Professor of Social Relations (Ph.D. University of Chicago)

212 Newcomb Hall

Research Interests: Sociology of culture, Sociology of religion, Social movements, Political sociology, Human rights, and Latin America 

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 Adjunct and Visiting Faculty

Jennifer Ashley

Visiting Professor
217C Newcomb Hall

William Ross Bryan

Adjunct Professor

212 Newcomb Hall

 Dr. Rhoda Carr

Rhoda Carr

Adjunct Assistant Professor

212 Newcomb Hall

Courses: Marriage and Family

Anna Hall

Adjunct Assistant Professor

212 Newcomb Hall

 Dr. John Hall

John Hall

Adjunct Assistant Professor

212 Newcomb Hall

Courses: Deviant Behavior, Social Problems, Criminology, Foundations of Sociology, Sociology of the Family

Robert Kappel

Adjunct Professor

212 Newcomb Hall

Brian Lindseth

Adjunct Professor

220 A2 Newcomb Hall

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 Professors Emeriti

 Dr. Martha K. Huggins

Martha K. Huggins

(Ph.D. University of New Hampshire)

Research Interests: Labor Control and Repression, State-Related Vigilantism, U.S. International Policing as Political Control in Latin America, Marginalization of Brazilian 'Others', Torture and Assassination.

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Dr. Fred Koenig

Fred Koeing

(Ph.D. University of Wisconsin)

Research Interests: Sociology of Aging, Social Psychology, Sociology of Rumors.
 Dr. Edward Morse

Edward V. Morse

(Ph.D. Cornell University)

Research Interests: Medical Sociology, Sociology of Law

In Memoriam


April Brayfield

Associate Professor (Ph.D. University of Maryland at College Park)

April Brayfield died on the morning of Tuesday, December 13, 2011. Her friends and colleagues remember her as a valuable person in their lives and as a model of a university professor.


 Mary Enright

Mary Enright


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