Tulane Sociology

Yuki Kato (Vitae)

Assistant Professor (Ph.D. University of California, Irvine)

220I Newcomb Hall
Phone: (504)862-3010
Fax: (504)865-5544

Research Interests

Urban/Suburban Sociology, Urban Agriculture, Urban Vacancy, Social Stratification, Qualitative Methodologies, Sociology of Adolescence and Youths, Sociology of Culture

Current Research Projects

Urban Agriculture in New Orleans
Urban Agriculture Youth Programs
Where is Bolton Hill?: Neighborhood Boundaries as Symbolic Boundaries
Coming of Age in a Bubble: Spatial Sociology of Suburban Adolescents

Selected Publications

2014. "Bringing food desert residents to an alternative food market: A semi-experimental study of impediments to food access." with Laura McKinney. DOI: 10.1007/S10460-014-9541-3.

2014. “Political Gardening in a Post-disaster City: Lessons from New Orleans.” Urban Studies.51(9):1833-1849. with Catarina Passidomo, and Daina Harvey.

2013. "Not Just the Price of Food: Challenges of an Urban Agriculture Organization in Engaging Local Residents." Sociological Inquiry. 83(3):369-391.

2013. “Flow of Food, People and Information across the City: An Examination of Local Food Access in a New Orleans Food Desert.” Spaces and Flows: An International Journal of Urban and ExtraUrban Studies. 3(2):45-56. with Cate Irvin. 

2011. "Coming of Age in the Bubble: Suburban Adolescents' Use of Spatial Metaphor as Symbolic Boundaries." Symbolic Interaction 34(2).

2009. "Doing Consumption and Sitting Cars: Adolescent Bodies in Suburban Commercial Spaces." Children's Geographies. 7(1):51-66.

2006. "Planning and Social Diversity: Residential Segregation in American New Towns." Urban Studies. 43(12):2285-2299

Courses Taught

 kato 2014
Urban Sociology (SOCI 106)
Foundations of Sociology (SOCI 201)
Wealth, Power, and Inequality (SOCI 218)
Introduction to Research Design (SOCI 303)


Tulane University, Department of Sociology, 220 Newcomb Hall, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5820