Associate Professor Christopher J. Fettweis


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    308 Norman Mayer bldg.
    New Orleans, LA. 70118


   Office Hours: W 10-12 & 1-3

   Tel: (504) 862 - 8310




Current Courses

POLI 663 - Strategy and Politics

This course will be an examination of the theory and practice of grand strategy– the economic, diplomatic, and military policies states adopt in pursue of their interests – in both historical and contemporary contexts.  Over the course of the semester, the following types of questions will be addressed:  What exactly is “grand strategy”?  Does the concept, and the way states formulate it, vary from era to era?  What forces determine a state's choice of grand strategy?  What political, psychological, and cultural factors lead states to choose well, and choose badly? 

POLI 663 - International Security

This course will be a seminar-style investigation of some of the major issues in international security.  It will serve as a broad introduction to the field, examining both traditional and non-traditional aspects of security and critically engaging some classic – and some new – arguments about the relationship between people, states and war.

Research Interests

International politics, US foreign policy, and grand strategy.

Curriculum Vitae

Tulane University, Political Science Dept, 316 Norman Mayer Bldg, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5166