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  307 Norman Mayer bldg.
  New Orleans, LA. 70118


 Office Hours: Tues 12-3pm


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Current Courses

POLC 230 - Comparative Politics

A comparison of various political processes and structures among selected countries designed to identify and highlight significant differences among various political models and practices.

POLS 301 - Politics of Immigration

Immigration is one of the major “hot button” issues of our time that elicits impassioned arguments from both its opponents and supporters.  This course will utilize a variety of learning methods to explore why immigration is such a controversial issue, the major push and pull factors contributing to immigration into the United States, and the outcomes of various policy responses.

POLC 431 - Mexican Politics and Government

The primary objective of this course is to provide students with an understanding of Mexico’s current political reality, as well as the historical legacies that continue to shape the political system.

POLS 510 - Senior Capstone Experience

The Political Science Capstone Experience affords graduating seniors an opportunity to apply the skills and knowledge they acquired in the classroom to the analysis of real world events occurring outside of the classroom.  Students will analyze political content presented in films, lectures, protests, government meetings, etc. as it relates to the themes and concepts learned in their political science courses.


Research Interests

Comparative Politics, Mexican Politics, Latin American Politics, U.S.-Latin American relations,and  Immigration.


Curriculum Vitae

Tulane University, Political Science Dept, 316 Norman Mayer Bldg, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5166