AHST 3010 - History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism I

ARHS-1010-01 Art Survey I: Prehist-Mid Ages

ARHS-1020-01 Art Sur II: Renaiss to Present

ARHS-3210-01 Art & Expernce Mdle Ages

ARHS-6220-01 Gender In Medieval Art

ARHS-6811-02 Japanese Woodblock Prints

ARHS-6820-01 Durer

ASTA.-3910-01 Samurai Culture in Premodern Japan

ENLS-2010-01 Intro To British Lit I

ENLS-4010-01 NoLa & the Early Mod Caribbean

ENLS-4460-01 Shakespeare I

FREN-4810-01 Early Modern Globalization

HISA-6250-01 Medieval Religious Culture

HISC-2010-01 Hist-China Prehistory to 1800

HISM-2200-01 History of Islam to 1400

HISE-1210-01 Eur & Wide World To 1789

HISE-2240-01 Russian Hist 9th-Mid 19th Cent

HISE-2410-01 Spain, 1369-1716

ITAL-4010-01 Boccaccio E La Novella

JWST-3500-01 Goldn Age Spansh Jewry I

MUSC-1060-01 Survey of Euro Art Music

MUSC-1410-01 Hist Euro Music To 1800

MUSC-6230-01 Keyboard Lit 1600-1750

PHIL-2020-01 History of Modern Philosophy

 SPAN 4351-01 The Spanish Inquisition

SPAN 6430-01 Drama of the Golden Age

SPAN 6850-01 Span Conquest: Past and Present

THEA 3710-01 Shakespeare on the Road

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