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Director: Ronna Burger

Secretary: Nancy Tatarski

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Judeo-Christian Studies Chair


Upcoming Events, Spring 2014



Eleanor and Nathaniel P. Phillips Sr. Memorial Lecture

Clifford Orwin

"Will not the Judge of All the World Act Justly? Abraham’s Plea to God on Behalf of Sodom"

April 24, 2014 - 7:00 p.m. - Rogers Memorial Chapel

Clifford Orwin is a Professor of Political Science, Classics, and Jewish Studies at the University of Toronto. He earned a BA in history at Cornell, and a PhD in Political Science at Harvard. He has held visiting positions at Harvard and Chicago, as well as in Jerusalem, Paris, and Lisbon. Orwin writes regularly on current affairs for the Canadian national newspaper, Globe and Mail. He is the author of The Humanity of Thucydides (Princeton 1997) and co-editor of The Legacy of Rousseau (Chicago, 1997), as well as numerous articles on topics of Jewish political thought.


George Hitchings Terriberry Memorial Lecture

James Carey

"Spinoza’s Response to Christian Scholasticism"

March 20, 2014 - 7 p.m. - Rogers Memorial Chapel

James Carey has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Philosophy in the United States Air Force Academy since 2004, while holding a position as a tenured member of the faculty at St. John’s College Santa Fe, where he also served two terms as Dean of the College and one year as Acting President. Dr. Carey received his PhD from the Graduate Faculty of the New School for Social Research. He has just published “The Pleasures of Philosophizing and its Moral Foundation” (Interpretation, fall 2013) and has recently completed a book on Thomas Aquinas, Natural Law and Natural Reason.


Marianna and Rabbi Julian B. Feibelman Memorial Lecture

Ronna Burger

"In the Court of an Oriental Despot: the Book of Esther"

March 12, 2014 - 7:30 p.m. - Rogers Memorial Chapel

(A lecture by Clifford Orwin originally set for this date had to be cancelled because of weather problems.).

Lectures are in the Myra Clare Rogers Memorial Chapel, Newcomb Campus of Tulane University, 1229 Broadway. They are open to the University community and public at no charge. For further information call 504-866-8793 or e-mail

In Memoriam

We are very sad to announce the passing, within just a few months of one another, of Frank Birtel (September 1, 2011) and Father Val McInnes (November 22, 2011). Dr. Birtel was a Professor in the Mathematics Department at Tulane, later University Provost, and Father McInnes was originally Chaplain of the Tulane Catholic Center.Working together to found the Judeo-Christian Studies Chair in 1979, they co-directed the prestigious lecture series since then and published a series of volumes based on it.The continuing program is their legacy.

Obituary for Professor Birtel

Obituary for Father McInnes

Catherine and Henry J. Gaisman Chair

Prof. Ronna Burger, Chair of the Department of Philosophy, is the Catherine and Henry J. Gaisman Chair in Judeo-Christian Studies. This chair was endowed through a generous gift of Catherine and Henry J. Gaisman. Prof. Burger’s intellectual path has taken her from an early interest in the Bible and its interpretation to Greek philosophy and most recently to the question of the relation between them. This path is reflected in her scholarly pursuits and her teaching at Tulane, where she has found an intellectual home for over three decades.

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Rogers Memorial Chapel, Tulane UniversityDirector: Professor Ronna Burger

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Phone: (504) 866-8793

Secretary: Nancy Tatarski

Myra Clare Rogers Memorial Chapel Location: Newcomb Campus of Tulane University, 1229 Broadway St., New Orleans, LA 70118 [Google Maps link]

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