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Yonah Schiller |

Adjunct Lecturer


Professor Yonah Schiller was on his way to pursue a career in painting and visual arts when he unexpectedly encountered Jewish life and its deep spiritual teachings. While inspired by this new passion, Yonah felt both surprised and agitated by the reality that increasingly large numbers of the Jewish population found themselves outside of Jewish life and exposure. This realization is fuel for much of Yonah's fire to create an inclusive and representative Jewish community at Tulane and in New Orleans. Yonah is from the Boston area. He attended Brown University, graduating with a degree in Visual Art and Art History, in addition to playing on the varsity soccer team. Yonah went on to study painting and visual arts in Italy (where he met the woman he would marry eight years later) and London. Yonah spent eight years living in Israel, where he received his rabbinic ordination. Yonah also serves as an adjunct professor of the Jewish Studies department. Professor Schiller teaches Jewish Mysticism and Jewish Civilization at Tulane University. Yonah is currently pursuing his MBA at Tulane University, and maintains a studio in New Orleans to create his artwork. For the past five years, Yonah has lived in New Orleans with his three adorable children and his wife Allison, a trained architect and adjunct professor at Tulane. 

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