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Majoring & Minoring in Jewish Studies

Majoring in Jewish Studies at Tulane University

A major in Jewish studies has as a prerequisite one year of Modern Hebrew (HBRW 101 and 102, or the equivalent). The major consists of at least 30 credits in Jewish studies courses, Hebrew courses, or courses in related fields. The major must include JWST 101 as well as one course in each of the following periods:

• Ancient 210, 314, 315, 352, 360, 425;

• Medieval 350, 352, 353, 354, 359, 411, 435;

• Modern 220, 321, 322, 334, 344, 375, 430.

At least one course should be at the 400 level or above. Courses taken to fulfill Tulane’s foreign language proficiency requirement cannot be counted toward the major.

Minoring in Jewish Studies

A minor in Jewish Studies consists of 15 credit hours in 5 courses. Requirements include:

• Only one 100 level course may count toward the minor (either JWST101 or JWST 125).  Students are not required to take a 100 level course.

• Up to two HBRW courses past the 203 level may count toward the minor.  No courses used to satisfy the University¹s language requirement maybe used as credits toward the minor.  Hebrew courses are not required to complete the minor.

• One course must be above the 300 level.

All 300 or 400-level coursework for the minor must be taken in residency at Tulane; courses taken abroad do not count toward this requirement.


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