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Welcome to Jewish Studies at Tulane University.


Jewish Studies represents an interdisciplinary approach to the study of the Jews, their history, religion, language, thought, culture, literature, and music.

The Tulane University Jewish Studies program was recently ranked 9th in the nation.



About Jewish Studies


The Tulane program uses methods of history to gain accurate insights into the Jews' past; sociological analysis to find the larger patterns of Jewish behavior and social interaction; and the study of philosophy to examine the comprehensive understandings of humanity and nature proposed by Jewish thinkers.

In addition, language, literature and musicology are studied in order to explore the diverse cultural creations of the Jews and the method of social anthropology allows students to characterize Jewish religion and to define its impact upon the lives of its past and present adherents. Through these several approaches, Jewish Studies attempts to comprehend the Jewish experience in antiquity, the middle ages, and the present, and to examine the identities and ways of life that Jews have developed in order to make sense of the worlds in which they have lived.



Jewish Studies

Tulane University students holding candles look up at the flame lit at sundown on a giant menorah behind the Lavin-Bernick Center to mark the first night of Hanukkah in 2010. (Retrieved from The Times-Picayune archive)


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