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Menaka Philips
Political Science and Gender and Sexuality Studies
B03A Newcomb Hall
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118


The Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at Tulane offers a broad interdisciplinary investigation of gender and sexuality as social, cultural, and political phenomena. The program offers a Major and Minor in addition to a Graduate Certificate. Students may choose from over forty courses taught by faculty from fourteen academic departments, four other SLA programs, and four Tulane University Schools.



Taught by Professor Mimi Schippers
5 Week Session Monday-Friday 3-4:30
(No Prerequisites)

Have you ever questioned monogamy? Have you ever wondered why monogamy is so pervasive and compulsory? What role does compulsory monogamy play in social inequalities? Have you ever thought about how we might do relationships and sexuality in non-monogamous ways? These are the questions we’ll be asking and trying to answer in this course. We’ll read about and discuss how monogamy as a central feature of social structure and identify how it plays into race, gender, class, and sexual inequalities. We’ll then read and talk about different kinds of polysexualities, including open and polyamorous relationships, “hooking up”, “The DL”, BDSM, threesomes, and group sex. With a critical eye, we will ask how these forms of polysexuality might or might not alter social relations in ways that transform not only our sense of self and our interpersonal relationships, but also the social structure of race, gender, class, and sexual inequalities.

COMM-3810: Women in Film
LAS 5 Week Early Summer
MTW 2-4pm
R 2-5:30pm
This course is a critical survey of cinematic works by and about women, with examples drawn from different modes of cinematic expression (mainstream fiction films as well as alternative film and video [including documentaries, experimental, & narrative]) and from different historical periods (from the 1930s to the present). The course deploys feminist approaches to film criticism and applies these approaches to cinematic representations of women. Films illustrating particular genres, as well as feminist and Œ¹women¹s¹¹ films, are discussed and critiqued.

POLC 3003-01 Women Leading Change: Case Studies on Women in Organizations
B5 Summer 2015
Mon-Fri, 11:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
The objective of this course is to engage students in drawing leadership lessons from the real-world dilemmas of women leading organizations to bring about social change. Course outcomes will include an enhanced appreciation of the dilemmas that are encountered by women leading change, the ability to evaluate and compose case studies at the intersection of leadership and gender, and the demonstration of strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.


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