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This past spring was the GESS special topics course “Radical Pedagogy,” a radical experiment in free thought, engaged learning, intentional conversation, and queer pedagogy. Doing away with the traditional hierarchy of the professor/student model, each student enrolled in this course is challenged to both teach and learn from their peers. Find here a link to the ‘Zine the class created as part of their independent projects work.


Contact info

Nancy Maveety
Department of Political Science
316 Norman Mayer Hall
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118


Graduate Certificate

Gender and Sexuality Studies offers a Graduate Certificate Program. Students earning certificates in the interdisciplinary field of Gender and Sexuality Studies must take five 6000 or 7000 level courses, including GESS 6940, Advanced Feminist Theory or GESS 6950, Advanced Queer Theory. Of the remaining courses, no more than two may come from the student's home department, Ph.D. program, or school. The certificate is available to all graduate students enrolled in approved Master's (MA,MS,MFA and MLA) and PhD programs in all schools.


A sample list of related electives includes the following courses:

  • ANTH 6270, Culture and Romantic Love
  • ANTH 7690, Language and Gender
  • ARHS 6060, Gender, Race and Representations of the Body
  • ARHS 6220, Women and Gender in Medieval Art
  • ENLS 6720, Feminist Literary Theory
  • ENLS 6830, Race, Class and Gender
  • HISA 6270, Women and Gender in the Middle Ages
  • HISB 6070, Gender in African History
  • SOCI 6060, Issues in Sociology of Gender
  • SOCI 6070, Sociology of Sexuality
  • SOCI 6260, Gender, Work and Family
  • SPAN 6740, Women Writers of Latin America

In addition to the above courses, colloquia, independent studies and special topics coerces may be applied to the certificate subject to approval.  

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