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The 4+1 Masters Degree Program in French offers advanced, Masters-level courses in the history and theory of French literatures, French in Louisiana, postcolonial Francophone literatures and cultures, and cinema. With the combined B.A./M.A. in French and Francophone Studies, students will have the tools to excel in top-flight Ph.D. programs or to teach French in elite secondary schools.

Students in the combined B.A. and M.A. program will complete the normal undergraduate French major comprising 33 hours (15 hours of core courses and 18 hours of advanced courses). In their senior year (4th year), students will take 12 credits in the French department at the 600- or 700- levels. These 12 credits will then also be counted towards the 33 hours required for the M.A. in French. Candidates for the four-plus-one M.A. degree will be awarded the B.A. degree in French in their fourth year, followed by a fifth year to complete the M.A. degree.

Bachelor's degree with major in French

33 hours of course work

15 hours of core courses

18 hours of advanced courses, of which 12 will be taken during the senior year. (In exceptional cases, and depending on the rotation of course offerings, one or more courses taken in the junior year may be counted among these 12 hours.)

Four-plus-one candidates will take 4 courses at the 600 or 700 level in their 4th year.

M.A. in French

In their fifth year, they will take 4 courses in the fall semester and 3 courses in the spring semester.


Students in the four-plus-one program will take M.A. examinations covering four subjects rather than seven assigned for the 2-year M.A. Each will cover a period of French literature, Francophone studies, or linguistics. The examinations will be administered in a single session in March with one hour per exam, plus a hour at the end of the session for revision. In addition to the four required area exams, the student will also write and defend in French a 20-page paper written under supervision of a faculty member. The paper may be an expanded version of a course paper.

Summer Study

The three summer months are considered to be an integral part of the four-plus-one M.A. program in French. Students are to regard the summer after their senior year as atime to prepare for the M.A. examinations by engaging in a program of directed reading. The M.A. reading lists will be distributed early in the senior year. Prior to the examinations, the students are required to consult with the faculty in the four specialized areas they have chosen to be tested on.



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