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Ed White

Pierce Butler Chair in English

Ed White is an associate professor and the Pierce Butler Chair in American literature.  He is the author of The Backcountry and the City: Colonization and Conflict in Early America (U Minnesota Press, 2005) and How to Read Barthes' Image-Music-Text (Pluto, 2012).  He has edited a new edition of Hugh Henry Brackenridge's 1792-1815 novel Modern Chivalry (Hackett Press, 2009), and, with Michael Drexler, has co-edited Beyond Douglass: New Perspectives on Early African-American Literature (Bucknell UP, 2008).  He has translated segments of Crèvecoeur's French Lettres d'un Cultivateur Américain (published in Early American Literature and Early American Studies), and his essays have appeared in Early American Literature, PMLA, American Literature, American Literary History, American Quarterly, Studies in American Fiction, and Journal of the Early Republic.  He has just completed, with Michael Drexler, a project on the meaning of Aaron Burr in early US culture, and is currently writing about the formation of US conservativism in the tradition of the early novel.  He teaches critical theory, and courses about seventeenth-, eighteenth-, and nineteenth-century US writing, including the emergence of the US novel, the democratization of poetic writing, and the development of antebellum abolitionist writings.


The Backcountry and the City: Colonization and Conflict in Early AmericaBeyond Douglass: New Perspectives on Early African American LiteratureModern ChivalryHow to Read: Barthes' Image-Music-Text

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