Painting and Drawing

Senior Elizabeth Feroze works her pencil on a rendering of an anatomy study by Leonardo da Vinci in an intermediate descriptive drawing class.

Painting and drawing emphasizes a strong foundation of perceptual and technical skills, color and design, knowledge of materials and a keen critical sensibility. Coursework builds upon itself so you will increase your knowledge of historical and contemporary methods and ideas through both practical and conceptual projects. The skill set and knowledge base from foundations classes will prepare you to engage in a search for your own methods and meaning. Intermediate and upper level courses will emphasize your purpose, direction, confidence and critical skills necessary to express your ideas as an artist. The active involvement of peers creates a stimulating atmosphere conducive to exploration and growth. The faculty offers a wide range of aesthetic attitudes and an exploratory environment where the traditions of painting and drawing are examined and exchanged, refined and challenged.

Painting and drawing is equipped with approximately 4,000 square feet of classrooms, all featuring full walls of north windows and color balanced lighting for night work. Advanced students have access to a semi-private studio with a computer, individual workstations and basic stretcher building tools and facilities. All students enrolled in an art class have 24/7 access to the building. Graduate students receive private studios with a sink and anytime access to general facilities.

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