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Katrina Memories

After the Tulane University administration returned to New Orleans, a website was created to document the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Visitors to the site shared their experiences on this message board. To commemorate the fifth anniversary of the hurricane and catastrophic levee failures, we invite you to share your memories again, read memories shared by others and to watch and listen to these audio and video accounts.

Tony Lorino


Oral Histories

Tulane University administrators share their memories of Hurricane Katrina and the recovery efforts in these recordings.

Jody Waldman

Interview with Jody Waldman, Parent of a Tulane Freshman

This video was recorded when she came back to Tulane in November 2005 to retrieve her son's belongings.

Wynton Marsalis

Wynton Marsalis - Renewal Series Address - January 16, 2006

Watch his speech from an event celebrating the reopening of universities in New Orleans.

Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Mitchell, B.S., H. Ashbaugh, J. Prindle, and V.T. John, “From Survival to Renewal - Katrina and its Aftermath at Tulane's Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department,” Chem. Eng. Ed., 40[2], 80-87 (2006).



Tulane City Center project list

The Tulane City Center houses the School of Architecture’s urban research and outreach programs. This booklet contains a list of projects the Center has undertaken since Hurricane Katrina. (updated Spring 2010)



Spring/Summer 2006 Issue of Tulane Lawyer

Tulane Lawyer is published by the Tulane Law School and is sent to the school’s alumni, faculty, staff and friends. This issue chronicles the experience of the Tulane Law School during the Katrina semester.

physics department


The Tulane Physics Department: A Post-Katrina Success Story

Tulane Physics Newsletter, Volume 1, Issue 1, October 12, 2007, highlights post-Katrina facts and shows how the Physics Department is one of the leaders in building the new Tulane.



Hurricane Katrina - What Happened? A Field Trip

A course on the geology of the Katrina Disaster in New Orleans taught by Stephen A. Nelson, Dept. Earth & Environmental Sciences.



Post-Katrina Newsletter from Mathematics Department

Faculty, undergraduates and graduate students in the Mathematics Department describe their perspectives after Katrina through video in this January 2006 online newsletter.



Department of Biomedical Engineering Newsletter

Fall 2006 newsletter from the Department of Biomedical Engineering was the first published after Hurricane Katrina.

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