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Why do I need a mentor?
You may not need a mentor. You could be the type of person who knows exactly what path you will take and that is great! But many students like to have the advice of another person who has already been “there”. Mentors can give you advice on a major or grad program, or what it is like to live in a region of the world you may be considering. You can find out how your mentor went from his chosen field of study into the workforce. You might be interested in what the cost of living is in NYC and the realities of a move to that area. Mentoring is a great first step in learning the art of networking, which is a very important skill to develop.

How do I search for a mentor?
You can search a number of ways. From your WaveLink home page click on Mentor Search and use the options provided. For example if you know you want to live in the DC area but don’t have a job interest then just use the City/ State search option. If you want to see a list of all active mentors then leave the search options clear and click the search button. You can search by Name, Industry, and Activities or by Keywords.

How do I contact a mentor?
When you find the person you would like to contact click the “Contact Mentor” at the top of the mentor’s profile page. A message box will open and you can submit your questions through the system. The mentor will receive an email from you and can choose to contact you directly or through the system. The mentor has the choice of remaining anonymous or allowing direct contact.

How many mentors can I contact?
Right now you may contact two mentors per month. As we get more mentors registered that setting will increase.

What if I know someone who would be a great mentor?
PLEASE let us know or just forward the mentor information from the alumni or parent sections on our website! We are always looking for people who are willing to share knowledge and information with our students. Just like with networking, we would appreciate your assistance in getting this information out.

What if I don’t find a mentor in the list?
First try different keywords or industries. For example, if you tried searching in Industry using banking and nothing came up then try investment banking, or search in the Job Function field. The mentor chooses her information during self registration so she may have only selected one field. If this still does not yield a mentor then try searching by a Co-curricular Activity, a mentor may not work in the theater but may be a patron of the arts and could give you information or a possible contact.

What are some suggestions for contacting a mentor?
Be very sincere and clear with your questions and be considerate of the mentor’s time. Remember, our mentors are volunteers so we want this to be a rewarding experience for them as well.

Should I ask a mentor for a job?
Our mentors are here for guidance and may not be in a position to hire or may not have hiring authority in the organization. It is never a good idea to put someone on the spot or create an uncomfortable situation. Once you have built a good network and relationships then it is very possible someone may refer you.

What if I am still not sure about contacting a mentor?
You can contact the Tulane Career Center at 504.865.5107 or, or make an appointment with a career coach to help you with more detailed questions and personalized searches.

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Tulane University Career Center, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5107