Quick Facts

Name: Gary Tang

Class of: 2011

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Major: Finance

Current Occupation: Associate

Gary Tang, Class of 2011Tang, Gary - Profile Pic 2

PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

Tell us about yourself.  How did you come to Tulane?
After growing up in Philadelphia, I knew I wanted to experience not only a new city but a city where I could make a difference.  That's where Tulane University  and the city of New Orleans came in, and that is where my adventure began.  



Bachelor of Science in Management, Finance                       2011
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Master of Accounting, Freeman School of Business             2011
Tulane University, New Orleans, LA

Present Day

What do you do?
Working at PwC has given me an array of experiences that I have treasured.  I've had the opportunity to do valuation work over private biotechnology companies, work with post-close purchase price allocation and due diligence for an M&A deal, and even consult with clients over their internal processes.  At PwC, as long as you've proven yourself to be a team player who is willing to learn, the sky is truly the limit.  

How did you get to where you are today?
I landed my position through campus interviews.  PwC and Tulane have a fantastic relationship due to strong alumni connections.  Making the final decision on where to work was incredibly difficult. Tulane University's Freeman School of Business provided me with an array of skills necessary to apply and interview for multiple positions.  I landed offers in accounting, finance and management consulting.  I ultimately decided on PwC through an array of factors which included: learning opportunities, exit opportunities, and they allowed me to pick the city of my choice.

What are some of the pros of your current position or role?
Your career is really in your hands.  If you want to travel, PwC has clients where you can travel weekly.  If you want to stay local in the city, PwC has that as well.  The best part about working at PwC is flexibility.  Besides their excellent work life balance initiatives, you can craft your experience to have the career you've dreamed of.


Undergraduate Experiences

What did you study at Tulane?
I earned a BSM in Finance with Energy Specialization.

What insights did you have as a college student?
You'll be surprised at who you'll get to know.  When I was a freshman, I met this girl at an off-campus function. Four years later, I am doing my internship with PwC in Chicago and this girl that I met has now been working there for a few years and is showing me the ropes as my direct supervisor.  Having met her before on a social level made asking her questions easier.  You'll be surprised of who you met once in college, but will interact with again on a professional level.  

What academic advice would you offer incoming students?
Don't listen to your peers.  Don't take the easiest classes or the easiest professors.  Everything works on a curve anyway, so don't sweat it.  It's better to learn from the hardest professors; you'll actually learn something.



Do you have any other recommendations?
hen you're applying for jobs or interviews, be confident but be humble.  I've interviewed candidates who had straight A's but came off as arrogant and never got an offer.  In any field, a first year associate or analyst who had a 2.0 GPA in college is going to know more than the college student with a 4.0.  

Remember to be a team player because the people working with you are working WITH you, not against you.

Also, don't ever connect with someone through LinkedIn without contacting them.  That just irritates people.  Learn about them, not just where they can get you.  If you don't know them personally, just tell them that they have a career you want and you just want some advice.  It's not about the number of connections, it's about the quality.  

What do you wish you had known as a first-semester freshman?
Pick your career choice as early as possible.  College is not the time to experiment.  The earlier you pick your career, the sooner you can craft your studies to maximize your potential of landing the entry level job that will get you there.  


Contact Information

LinkedIn: Gary Tang

Tulane University, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5000