Getting to know yourself—your interests, your skills, and your values, is the first step toward deciding on a major and a career. There are a number of assessments available which can clarify your educational and career goals.

You may also be interested in a free assessment available from a career coach at the Tulane Career Center. To learn how to schedule an appointment click HERE.

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Do you want to find ideas of what you could do based on your personality?
Take the Do What You Are Personality Test and find more than 10 career options.

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Note: Do What You Are asks for your Student ID Number when you register. We recommend that you do NOT use your social security number as your student ID.

If you would like assistance in exploring the results and what they mean for you, e-mail to make an appointment.


FOCUS-2 is an on-line, interactive education and career planning system that combines self assessment, major and career exploration, and decision making into one comprehensive program. FOCUS-2 will help you clarify your strengths, interests, and professional goals so you will be better equipped to identify potential majors and minors, to create an academic plan, and to map out a basic career path.


  • identifies the major areas of study at Tulane University that best match your assessment results
  • integrates the results from your interests, personality, values and skills assessments
  • helps you use your results to help you plan their education and career
  • stores your results in an on-line Student Portfolio that you can update as often as you like

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The Career Zone has an "Assess Yourself" exercise based on the descriptions you choose from the six Holland types, along with links and resources to aid your search.

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