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What are TUPHES?
theWELL is a great place for health information and support, and one of its greatest resources is the Peer Health Educator program. Tulane University Peer Health Educators (TUPHEs) are  dedicated and fun group of students here to help you by putting on fun health-related programs and providing in-office services relevant to your life.
Every TUPHE is a Bacchus Network Certified Peer Health Educator, so we've got the training we need to help you make smarter health decisions. There's no health topic that's off-limits for us, you name it- sex, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, nutrition- we can tell you what we know!

Do you want to know more about us?
To learn more about us, contact theWELL at or call us at (504) 314-7400.
If you are interested in becoming a TUPHE, click the sign-up today button. You might be just the person we need!
Fall recruitment is closed, new applications submitted will be considered for the new recruitment period.

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