November 1989

Tulane President Eamon Kelly and a board of 6 senior officers make the executive decision to prohibit the sale of cigarettes at Tulane University.    Cigarettes were sold in the university bookstore and the old “Bruff Stuff” market until this enactment.  Link to newspaper article .pdf


September 1997

Tulane enacts policy effective in 1998 prohibiting smoking from all offices and residence halls unless they have their own individual “HVAC” ventilation unit with exhaust flowing directly outside.  If an office or residence hall room does not have its own HVAC unit, all individuals in rooms on a shared unit must agree to allow smoking.  Most often entire residence hall floors shared the same unit.  In addition, smoking was prohibited from all lounges unless otherwise noted and 77% of Pocket Park (all but the elevated area).  Link to Hullabaloo nonsmoker’s opinion article suggesting that smokers will flock to the Rat.  Dr. Kevin Kovitz, former Tulane medical school faculty and lung specialist made this recommendation commenting “this should only be a brief transition period” until “the entire campus can enjoy a completely smoke-free environment.”



Smoking is banned in the Rat (the last Tulane dining location to adopt such a policy) and is therefore banned from all dining locations on the uptown campus.



Smoking banned in all restaurants and private work places in Louisiana. 

Tobacco use is prohibited in all campus buildings and outside in areas of the campus where non-users cannot avoid exposure to smoke (20 feet outside any enclosed area where use is prohibited).  In addition, tobacco use is prohibited in all university vehicles, accepting tobacco-related promotional materials is prohibited on campus, and tobacco advertisements are prohibited from all Tulane public spaces and publications (Such as this one from 1937 Scroll to page 26). 



Tulane votes for a Tobacco and Smoke Free Community Policy.  This policy declares that tobacco use is banned from all Tulane campuses, locations, and property effective August 1, 2014.  The policy explicitly prohibits use in Tulane owned/leased vehicles and is the first policy to include “e-cigarettes” as a tobacco product.


August 1, 2014

Tulane University is officially 100% Tobacco Free!


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