Take the Stairs!  Take the Stairs!  Take the Stairs!  


Take the Stairs!

Signs encouraging you to take the stairs instead of the elevator are called stairwell prompts.  Stairwell prompts mention the benefits of stair usage while helping to point out the stairs in an unfamiliar or new building.  (Think of how visible elevators are in most buildings, while stairs are often hidden away in some corner.)

Stairwell prompts have been shown to increase stair usage in university libraries and in other non-university settings.  If you live in a residence hall with multiple floors, taking the stairs several times each day could have positive impacts on your physical fitness level. 

Anyone from the Tulane Community  can order stairwell prompts (8" by 11") for their floor or residence hall.  There are eight messages to choose from, with messages ranging from the benefits of stair usage as related to weight management, the environment, and time management.  For more information e-mail .




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