Quick Tips:


Eight Points For Parents Speaking With Students About Alcohol


Critical Times:


Before Student’s Arrival:

Incoming students have a range of experiences with alcohol. There is potential for your student to be involved in social situations where alcohol is present and there is pressure to drink. Therefore, before your student arrives on campus, it is imperative to talk about your social and academic expectations for them during their time at Tulane. Additionally, it is important to discuss the potential risks and consequences associated with drinking, and to think about ways to handle a risky situation where alcohol is involved. Click here for some possible conversation starters.


First Six Weeks:

The first six weeks of the semester are very important to academic success. During this transition period, students may begin to drink heavily due to the stressors involved in acclimating to college life, which may interfere with a smooth adjustment. Please talk regularly with your student, especially during his/her first six weeks at Tulane. Click here for some possible conversation starters.


Specific Events/Holidays:

Although rates of daily drinking on campus are low, there tend to be peaks at certain times during the semester, including the beginning and end of the semester, on the weekends, and during special occasions or events. These heavy drinking periods may include holidays such as Halloween, St. Patrick’s Day, and Mardi Gras, as well as sporting events,spring break, and the student’s 21st birthday. It is important to have a conversation about alcohol prior to these time periods/events.


Conversation Starters:


Before Student's Arrival

How will you decide whether or not to drink?
What do you think drinking will be like in college?
Do you know about Tulane’s alcohol policy?
Do you know what happens if you are caught drinking?
What will you do if you find yourself at a party where there is only alcohol to drink?
What will you do if your roommate drinks and/or if your room becomes a center for this type of activity?
What will you do if you find a student passed out in the bathroom and/or how would you handle caring for someone who is very drunk?

First Six Weeks

How is your roommate?
How do you and your roommate settle disagreements?
How do you like each of your classes?
How much time do you spend on school work every day/week?
Are you enjoying living in the residence halls?
Can you tell me a little bit about the friends you have made?
How are you spending your free time?
What have you been doing on the weekends?
How are you feeling about your course load/making friends/finding your way around etc.?
Are you familiar with the different resources on campus?


Specific Events/Holidays (General)

Do you have plans for (holiday name)?
Are there any Tulane events for (holiday name) that you are planning to attend? (encourage your student to check out what’s happening on campus)
Have you heard anything about past (holiday name) celebrations on/off campus? What do you expect?
You’re almost done with finals! Any plans to celebrate tomorrow night?
It sounds like you don’t have a lot of school work right now. What are you doing during your free time?


Spring Break

What plans have you and your friends made for your trip?
Is there good public transportation/ attractions that are within walking distance, or will you need to drive to get everywhere? (If they don’t mention a plan for a safe way to get around then specifically ask about designated drivers and cab services)
Have you thought about a budget for your trip? What is it?
It must be exciting to have a full week off. I know you don’t have any travel plans, but how do you think you’ll spend your free time?


21st Birthday

What are your birthday plans?
How are you getting around that night? (If they don’t mention a plan for a safe way to get around then specifically ask about designated drivers and cab services)
What did your friends do for their birthdays?

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