Safer Sex Supplies

We are committed to promoting safer sex and holistic sexuality.  We offer you a variety of different tools, activities and materials to reach this goal.  For students that choose to be sexually active, safer sex supplies are available for  free.  Supplies can be ordered through our online system or picked up at theWELL, Student Health Center, and in most Residential Halls. We are happy to supply condoms for your hall/floor/friend/house/student organization.  Please place your order through our online ordering system - there's a button at the bottom!  If you're interested in hosting a program or attending a class on safer sex, submit an educational program request.


External Condoms

The external, or male, condom brands we carry change over time due to cost and availability.  We offer a variety of sizes, colors, textures, shapes, tastes and brands.  We are unable to guarantee any specific type, brand, style or size. Condom brands are sort of  like Coke and Pepsi, you choose the one you like best.  All condoms in the United States that are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) approved are equally effective against pregnancy and STIs.  Condoms are considered Class II Medical Devices by the FDA, which puts them in the same category of regulation as IV tubing and prosthetic heart valves, and means that samples from each brand and type of condom go through a series of tests, including electric current tests, water leak tests and air burst tests in order to become FDA-approved.  All condoms in the US that are FDA-approved are equally effective.  For more information on condoms and their use click here.


Internal Condoms

The internal condom, also known as the female condom or FC2, is very similar to an external condom, however it is larger, able to form to the shape of the vagina or rectum, and it is used internally, instead of externally.  Internal condoms can be used for anal sex, you just need to remove the ring before insertion. It has a plastic ring at the tip, used to help the condom stay in place during intercourse. theWELL provides free internal condoms, as well as male condoms and lube. There are unique advantages to the internal condom as well as disadvantages. It is important to consider all your safer sex options, and to find the best one for you. To learn more about the this condom, visit this website.


Oral Dams or "Dental" Dams

It is a misconception that it is "safer" to engage in oral sex. People sometimes think they are protecting themselves from STIs by having oral sex instead of vaginal or anal sex, but this is incorrect. It is possible to contract an STI while giving or receiving oral sex. Oral dams can protect both partners in the event or oral sex. Oral dams ("dental dams") are rectangles or latex used during oral sex- both oral-anal, and oral-vaginal. They help protect the individual giving oral sex from STIs that the receiver might have, and vice versa.


If you forget everything you've read, remember these facts:

  • Always plan to use lubricant when you use a condom. The #1 cause of condom breakage is lack of lubrication. (theWELL has free, individual packets of lube so you're always prepared)
  • Always use water-based lubricant when planning to use a condom. (oil-based lube will degrade latex)
  • Flavored condoms are for oral sex, not for vaginal or anal sex.  (the chemicals used to flavor the condom can cause inflammation of the vaginal and anal tissue, which can make the receiver more susceptible to STIs.)
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