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Tobacco Cessation Coaching Service

The Center for Wellness and Health Promotion (theWELL) provides  comprehensive tobacco cessation programs that are open to the Tulane community. Participants are required to complete clinical and psycho-educational smoking cessation activities. During the program you will learn how to break down your smoking triggers and overcome your nicotine addiction. Our tobacco specialist will help you understand the health risks of smoking and instruct you on how to escape the cycle of quitting and then slipping up and smoking again.

theWELL offers two program options:

Individual Cessation Coaching 

Participants meet individually with a tobacco specialist for brief coaching sessions. Sessions are no more than 30 minutes and are tailored  to your specific needs. Individual coaching is free for all Tulane students, faculty and staff. Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT), however, is available at no cost for Tulane students only. Faculty and staff receive NRT at a reduce cost.

Group Cessation Coaching

Group programs are led by tobacco cessation coaches from theWELL. Groups meet 4-5 times per month 30-60 minutes each meeting (depending on group size).

Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT; patches & gum) are available for free to students and at a discounted price for faculty and staff. You must be actively enrolled with theWELL cessation program to receive NRTs.

** Departments wishing to sponsor an on-site cessation group can also be accommodated. Please contact us for details.

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