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If you are looking to request TEMS to stand by at an event, please call us at 504-865-5868



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Tulane EMS was founded in 1981 by a group of students who wanted to provide the community with free emergency medical care. The organization was formed when a few students trained as Emergency Medical Technicians used a converted plumber's van, Unit 10, to respond to campus medical emergencies. Since 1981, the organization has grown to 35 members. Tulane EMS purchased its first real ambulance, Unit 20, in 1985. Since the acquisition of Unit 20, TEMS has provided on-the-scene care and emergency transportation to Tulane students, as well as staff members, both on campus and in the Uptown area. Unit 20 was replaced by Unit 30 in 1994. In 1999, Unit 40 was purchased, and since then the organization has been using both ambulances. Having two ambulances has allowed TEMS to have a backup in case one vehicle breaks down, and the capability to run standby operations for University events. TEMS sometimes takes the backup unit to local schools, showing children the inner workings of an emergency vehicle. 

Since 1981, TEMS members have responded to thousands of calls for service. Tulane EMS has become an integral part of the University and City’s Emergency Response system. TEMS has played a pivotal role during the disaster response after Hurricane Katrina and has been applauded by local and national organizations and agencies. Today, TEMS responds to medical emergencies everyday, creating a safer and healthier community.

Tulane EMS, New Orleans, LA 70118 504-865-5868