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TEMS members are nationally certified Emergency Medical Technicians, operating under the Medical Direction of the Director of the Uptown Student Health Center (currently Daniel K. Garrett, M.D.). On Tulane and Loyola's campuses, Tulane EMS follows cutting edge protocols and procedures designed to provide patients with top notch acute medical care. As a service located in Orleans Parish, TEMS is a fully compliant with the Region 1 Protocols for all EMS services operating in Orleans, Jefferson, Plaqueimines, and St. Bernard. Additionally, TEMS is dedicated to providing all callers with the best medical care possible. As such, for those callers who may be located off campus, and for certain emergencies on campus,TEMS will activate New Orleans EMS. In this way, patients receive the best medical care possible- with the prompt, professional and courteous attention of TEMS, backed up by the years of experience, resources, and advanced level of care provided by New Orleans EMS. TEMS is free of charge to all Tulane and Loyola students, guests, affiliates, and visitors to our campuses and you will never receive a bill from Tulane University or TEMS for your care and transport to the hospital.

When a caller requests TEMS, the Tulane or Loyola Police Dispatcher calls TEMS and provides the location, nature of the emergency, and number of patients. With this information, the crew is assembled, goes en route, and immediately activates New Orleans EMS if necessary.

Role of TEMS

Tulane EMS is first, and foremost, a service oriented organization. All members volunteer their services, and are expected to contribute no fewer than four active semesters to TEMS. Over the years, the young men and women of TEMS have grown to be an integral part of the Tulane and New Orleans community. TEMS is the only 100% volunteer ambulance service remaining in the state of Louisiana. All positions, including the executive board and supervisory positions, are all staffed by full time students. The staff of the Uptown Student Health Center and other departments at Tulane and Loyola provide valuable medical direction, financial oversight, and administrative assistance for issues relating ranging from licensure to healthcare related legal compliance. Currently, TEMS is housed solely under the direction of the Tulane Student Health Center, and the Medical Director, in consultation with the Vice President for Student Affairs.

TEMS also works very closely with both the Tulane and Loyola Police Departments. The dispatchers, officers, and administrative personnel of both departments graciously allow TEMS to share radio channels, be dispatched by their officers, and work side by side with them to ensure the safety and security of all students, staff, visitors, and affiliates of Tulane and Loyola Universities.

Tulane EMS, New Orleans, LA 70118 (504) 451-7176