Student Health Insurance Plan 

All full-time Tulane University students are required to carry health insurance coverage equal to or greater than the university requirements. Each year, full-time students must either enroll in the University-sponsored student health insurance plan or waive enrollment in this plan by providing proof of other adequate coverage. The Spring/Summer only premium is $1,657.00.

A complete description of the United Healthcare Student Resource policy is available here!

International students are NOT allowed to waive using the online system. Please click here for the International Student Health Insurance Waiver Procedure.

The Waiver/Enrollment of health insurance site for new students attending for the first time will open December 15, 2015. 


The absolute deadline to waive or enroll into the student health insurance plan is February 1, 2015.

Students must either waive or enroll in the student health insurance plan by the posted deadlines each academic year.  Students will be notified via e-mail when the sites become active for Open Enrollment.

You should find the web site to be self-explanatory. However, do not hesitate to contact the Student Health Center at 504-865-5255 with questions or concerns.

Part-time, dissertation, executive program students and previously enrolled dependents are not automatically enrolled.  As a result, these students must enroll online to obtain the student insurance.

Other Services

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