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The Men's Health Clinic is provided to address the needs specific to men's health.  Services are by a male physician with a longstanding interest and expertise in men's health issues. Both graduate and undergraduate students are eligible to attend the Men's Health Clinic.  The Men's Health Clinic provides services:

  • Assessment following possible exposure to a sexually transmitted disease. Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Evaluation and Counseling for male sexual problems, such as impotence
  • HIV disease prevention, counseling, and treatment referral
  • Testicular and skin cancer screening
  • Nutrition, fitness, and weight management
  • Smoking cessation

What does STI Testing in men involve?

Many male students come to the Men’s Clinic at Student Health  for general screening for Sexually-transmitted Infections (STI). The physician will ask questions (some explicit) about the presence of symptoms, known STI contacts, current sexual activity, prior testing and HIV risk factors. A brief genitourinary examination will take place looking for visual signs of STIs and to carry out testicular examination for abnormal masses. You will be asked for a urine sample (do not use the bathroom before coming to your screening appointment) to screen for Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. The physician will review other STIs (herpes, syphilis, HPV) with you in order to determine whether additional screening tests are needed. Confidential HIV testing is offered. None of the testing procedures are painful. Treatment for STIs is always available for men with symptoms or known disease contacts.

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